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***** Cultural Background

Ethnicity Statement: I am an African American woman, which means my ethnicity is a blend of African culture and Southern black American *****. What that ***** in reality is that growing up black in the South, my ethnicity caused problems, created differences, and caused me to question my own culture and ***** own identity. In addition, I ***** a blend of two *****s, and that heritage ***** important ***** me and to what my life stands for. Part of me wants to explore my black roots, and find out just when ***** family came from Africa and what their experience was. I know that at least some of my family were slaves, and this places a gre*****t weight on me. To overcome that *****, ***** want to be the ********** I can be and make a n*****me for myself ***** my *****. I also want to feel I can fit in***** both cultures that surround me, and that is not always easy to do.

Practices: My family speaks English with a ***** drawl! We enjoy many ***** the traditional Sou*****rn foods, like cornbread, greens, grits, and pork. ***** mother makes a big *****al ***** the holidays that includes these things, because it is what we love to eat.

Expectations: My expectations of my ***** are that I should be the same as anyone else, ***** the color ***** my skin ***** ***** matter. However, ***** is a ***** in society ***** my skin color does matter, and because of that, I have *****s that ***** white Southern neighbors simply do not have. My expectations ***** not meet realities when it comes to my ethnicity. I ***** ***** ***** ***** I should ***** be pulled between ***** cultures.

***** *****:







***** Background





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