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Multiple Intelligences


Not all children learn alike: Anyone who has ever taught children is aware of this. And yet all too often pedagogical programs are set up as if every student absorbed information in precisely the same way. However, those teaching strategies that incorporate the principle of "multiple intelligences" allow each ***** to learn ***** ***** material in d*****ferent ways. Some students will be best served by learning ***** visually, others interpersonally, still ***** will be best served when musical or aural elements are introduced into the classroom. This paper explores the concept ***** multiple intelligence especially as regards the integration of an arts-based education model throughout the entire curriculum.

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It should come as no surprise to us ***** children - ********** adults - learn in different ways and that we can *****e different learn*****g styles and ***** kinds of intelligences to help children achieve their greatest potential. While there are a number of different ways in which the idea ***** multiple intelligence ***** be used ***** provide classroom instruction, one of the most powerful may be to integrate the concept ***** ***** intelligence and the praxis of art *****. Participating in the arts ***** music, dance, and visual art - helps children learn not only about the *****s ********** but also about a wide range of other subjects.

Teach*****g the arts in schools is both an end in itself - i.e. it teaches children to value ***** understand expressive forms of culture - but it can also be a means ***** an***** end, empowering children to learn other subjects such as math or reading w*****h greater ease and enthusiasm. ***** research suggests the usefulness and imp*****tance (one might even argue the imperativeness) ***** teaching the arts in school. With so many states now fac*****g dire financial problems ***** with arts*****in-schools budgets ***** of the very first things to be cut ********** such budgetary crises loom, it is important that we remem*****r that arts education is not a luxury but in fact lies at the heart of the educational process.

Children enjoy participating in the *****, and when adults see ***** hav*****g such a good time it ***** often h*****rd for them to imagine that the children may also be at the same ***** mastering complex cognitive skills, but this is an artifact of ***** ways in which adults conceive of learning. For adults, learning is often associated ***** work *****d so it opposed to ********** and pleasurable activities. But for children, learning ***** ***** a ple*****sure and meshes perfectly with (***** reinforces) other forms of learning.

This paper argues that education in all of the art forms *****nefits ***** ***** increasing ***** cognitive skills: When children engage in ***** arts they are able to access and incorporate ***** different learning ***** and ***** factors that enhance not ***** their learning within the arts themselves but al***** gener*****y improve their verbal and written skills. This paper examines the concept of multiple intelligences in general as well


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