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Multiple Intelligences

First Grade Language Acquisition and Classroom Practices

***** Proposal


In terms of human intelligence there exists more than simply one dimension of intelligence such as linguistic, mathematical, spatial, rhythmic, spatial and kinesthetic intelligences

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this work is to define Multiple Intelligence in ***** of practice in the classroom ***** what teachers are doing in terms of ***** that could impact Language ***** (i.e. reading, spelling, grammar and phonics) for first graders.

Background of ***** problem

Throughout the h*****tory of education ********** have been many theor*****s in learning stated with many ***** them being at least in part correct. However the theory of multiple ***** is one that unfortunately was not acknowledge for many generations ***** this one factor has had the power and indeed has changed ***** face of education once finally acknowledged. The student who is creatively gifted ***** often in the past considered to be developmentally disabled due to scores on grades when in fact ***** same student was *****ly bored in class and required more information ***** hold their attention than another student less bright yet making *****tter grades in school.

***** greatest factor in developing the varying intelligences that exist is the environment of the child before beginning school. For instance was the child's attendance mostly to hockey games or did the child's parents take the child ***** musical performances, or book-readings? Was the child read to on a regular basis? Does the ***** have an older sibling that has offered do*****ways ***** ***** in *****ir interactions with the child? All of this is vitally important in the ***** development both in content and in scope.

Significance of the Study

The significance of ***** study is based on ***** critical factor ***** acknowledgement of multiple intelligences in the first-grade classroom and the fact ***** without this ***** acknowledged the students in ***** ***** classroom may be mis-labeled and get off on their educational journey on the wrong foot thereby affecting them permanently in terms of their development.

Hypothesis and Research questions

The hypothesis ***** this work is: "Failure to acknowledge ***** intelligences in the first-grade classroom in terms of practice results in an astronomical disservice to students *****d a failure in the educational system to deliver quality education to *****. The questions that ***** research will ask are:

What ***** which is ***** ***** be "*****st practice" focused toward in the first-grade classroom in terms of delivering learning to the ***** or multiple intelligences represented by the students in the first-grade *****?

***** techniques are best in relation to delivery of learning in the different subjects ***** study?

***** is the teacher's role ***** the ***** intelligences classroom?

***** Gardner (1999) Harvard Professor states that *****re ***** four *****ors in ***** reform within the theoretical base of multiple ***** ***** are (1) Assessment (2) Curriculum (3) Teacher Education, and (4) Community Participation.

***** ***** the Study

***** limitations of this proposal of research are ***** time allotted


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