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National Security Council

Brief History

The power of Hitler were beginning to influenced other people and for this reason the Nazi group were formed. During World War II, the USSR and the United Stated became an alliance in eliminating and s*****pping Hitler and the Axis Power from continuing to influence other people and country. This alliance became successful with the defeat ***** Hitler. In 1945, the Cold War began and the ideological differences of the two super power countries resurfaced. Roosevelt continued to doubt the leadership ***** Stalin because he knew that ***** might be t***** next Hitler in believing in the communism system. Soon, Trumann replaced Roosevelt as the new President of ***** United Stated. Even ***** Trumann did not trust Stalin ***** he feared that the rest of ***** European country might be conquered by Stalin. For ***** reason, he decided to establish a group ***** securing his nation and ot*****r democratic countries. The National ***** Council in the United States was formed ***** protect the security of *****ir country as well as the foreign policy and t***** was established under ***** Natioanl Security Act ***** 1947.

Structure and Members in the ***** States

National ***** Council is an executive body which coordinates national security issues and typically includes ***** heads of departments involved in diplomacy and defense with a small staff (Wikipedia, 2006). ***** most famous NSC is the United ***** National Security Council, but *****y also exist in Russia, India, and the Republic ***** China on Taiwan (Wikipedia, *****). Here are ***** informati***** of what consists in the council as b*****ed on Wikipedia (2006):

Chair President ***** the United States

Regular Attendees Vice President

Secretary of State

Secretary ***** ***** Treasury

Secretary of Defense

Asst. to the ***** for National ***** Affairs

Military Advisor Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Intelligence ***** Direc*****r of ***** Intelligence

***** Participants Chief of Staff to the President

Counsel to ***** President

***** to the President for Economic Policy

Administration of National Security Council

***** National Security Council had been reorganized so many times because ***** different administrations. Each administration had its own ways of handling the *****. The following were ***** past presidents who ***** the head of NSC during each term.

Truman Administration, 1947-1953

The National ***** Act of 1947 created ***** National Security Council under the chairmanship of ***** President, with only the following seven ********** as permanent members: the *****, the Secretaries of State, *****, Army, Navy, Air Force, and ***** Chairman of the ***** Security Resources Board (The White House, *****).

In 1949, events reinforced the need for better coordination ***** national security *****: NATO was formed, military assistance for Europe ***** begun, ***** Soviet Union detonated an atomic bomb, and the Communists gained control in Ch*****a (The White House, 2006).

Eisenhower *****, 1953-1961

President Eisenhower made use of the NSC as his most important division during his *****. This is where he got all the in*****mation in terms of policy and security affairs.


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