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***** FRONT

Contrary to what some historians believe, the North Vietnamese Army and ***** National Liberation Front during the Vietnam War were anything but an org*****ized and efficient unit, for in reality, these two entities were disorganized, peasant forces that operated under the so-called leadership of the Communists ***** North Vietnam and their counterparts in the Soviet Union and Communist Ch*****a. According to A.J. Langguth, the North ***** Army and the National Liberation *****, headed by Nguyen Huu Tho, "were hardly ***** fighters" which a prominent American journalist had deemed them, for following one of many skirmishes, the troops "had killed only one unarmed farmer who was living with his wife and children in a hut p*****inted with anti-government slogans" (160-61).

In order ***** demonstrate the inefficiency and disorganization ***** these two entities, several examples need to be addressed. First of all, from its earliest days, the PAVN, also known as ***** People's Army of *****, the main fighting force linked ***** communism during the Vietnam conflict, suffered from many liabilities, including an army geared toward guerrilla inf*****try tactics, an inability to disperse air and naval ***** over long distances ***** into neighboring countries viewed as enemy territory, a l*****ck ***** logistics and transport systems which were necessary to move a modern *****rmy force, a low level of technical competence related to its officers ***** a shortage of food and dependable weapons and equipment needed to carry out any defensive or offensive military operation.

***** ***** ***** blunders and err*****s of the PAVN during the Vietnam conflict, its leaders, more often than not closely watched and controlled by ***** Communists in the ***** Union and Red Ch*****a, quickly recognized that new forms of weaponry ***** ***** were required for new security conditions after the fall of Saigon in South Vietnam in 1975. Prior to this, the *****, a collection of ***** bands made up of mostly ethnic m*****ority people ***** the Vietnamese highlands, ***** forced to organize *****mselves into a coherent and efficient unit, but due to the fact that the PAVN was composed ***** mostly uns***** and uneducated forces, at least militarily, it came under the extreme scrutiny of the leaders in ***** Soviet Union and Red Ch*****a who realized that the war in Vietnam, especially in relation to ***** American forces, ***** not winnable under the present military conditions.

In addition, the PAVN was greatly influenced by Red China ***** its military philosophy. The original party-led armed force, the Viet Minh Army, was created by ***** Chinese Nationalist Party and controlled from *****. Later on, it ***** funded ***** the Chinese Communist ***** and all logistics came either from Red China or the ***** Union. And ***** ten years of conflict with ***** American forces, the ***** was in a worse condition that it had been previous to the war; in effect, ***** relation to ***** organization, it was completely dysfunctional and chaotic.

In a similar vein, the National Liberation Front


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