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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, ***** Inner Party, those who are in charge, live very well, thanks to the fruits of a constant war. And they want ***** keep it that way. The method they use is keeping absolute control of everyone else through the almost daily changing of history and the suppression of individual memory.

An example ***** the daily ***** of ***** is ***** announcement of a false event that happened in the past. All records are immediately changed to show that ***** did happen; nowhere (except perhaps in the minds ***** the citizens) is there any evidence ***** the event never happened at all. Every record suddenly shows that the event ***** take place. The result is ***** people begin ***** m*****trust their own memories. They come to believe everything they're told because, after all, it's in writing. Manipulation can, and does, run rampant when people don't have an accurate ***** of their *****, or when they have no memory at all: It changes the present and ***** future.

When history is repressed or changed ***** is no written memory of the existence of a democr*****ic society, for *****. People who ***** remember it c*****n't begin to think about (***** want) liberties and freedoms. Or when the chocolate ration is reduced from 30 to 20, ***** the announcement is made that people are celebrating because ***** ***** was ra*****ed to twenty, or when the target of the constant ***** is suddenly ***** overnight, the individual comes to understand ***** he can't trust his own memory; therefore he must trust what ***** is told by the Party.

***** an individual's past and his memory also suppresses his imagination. If you have no past, ***** if information changes on a daily basis, ***** have no frame of reference for comparison. If you have no imagination and no frame of reference, you can*****t create, at least in ********** own mind, a better world or different ***** ***** being. And if you cannot ***** it in your own mind, you can't speak it to others. Suppressing an ***** past also leads to con*****mity: "A nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans...." (77)

By keeping people afraid of speaking openly to *****, and taking away the means ***** spread the seed of thought (which begins with imagination), the Party *****s less of a risk of mutiny. ***** you c*****n't imagine, ***** if you're stuck with the increasingly narrow vocabulary *****owed in Newspeak, you're unable to utter any words that are aga*****st the Party. "It's a be*****utiful thing, the destruction ***** words," says Symes. (46) And when the allowed words are only variations on ***** ***** theme, there is no vehicle for imaginati*****.

***** the biggest reason ***** the ***** wanting to control imagination is ***** ***** imagination comes emotion... and with ***** can come actions. By suppressing ***** (which includes *****, which had lead to emotion) the


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