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Nursing Challenges Leadership

***** and Leadership Strategies for Nurse Manager


Nursing leaders are faced with ever complex challenges in today's healthc***** environment. As technology cont*****ues to change the way businesses operate, so too do administrative and organizational *****s including changes in managed care and insurance change the ***** nursing leaders must conduct their day to day affairs. One of the biggest obstacles facing nursing leaders ***** tomorrow include uncovering ways to effectively manage a healthcare team in an increasingly volatile and rapidly changing ***** environment. Nursing leaders are ***** facing problems ***** staffing shortages ***** inadequate access to insurance or other health care programs.

***** maintain ***** ability to lead effectively, nursing ***** ***** adopt a more participative or trans*****mational leadership style. By *****ing this collaborative strategy, nurses are ***** likely to help facilitate a fl*****t management structure that promotes greater knowledge sharing and communication. Through collaboration and communication the nursing leaders of ***** will be able to overcome challenges including staff shortages and ***** associated with hospital administration. Together each member of the organization can work to develop plausible solutions to promote the interests ***** the healthcare community and patients at large.

Leadership Strategies Nurse Management

Nursing leaders are faced ***** many complex challenges. These include providing staff coverage, ensuring ***** cohesion of the ***** unit, overcoming ***** shortages and training or education issues and more. The healthcare ***** ***** nurses currently ***** in is also increasingly dynamic and evolving. This requires that nursing ***** have ***** ability to change direction at a moment's notice without compromising the health and st***** of *****ir health care team or patients.

Nursing leaders ***** tomorrow must prepare to ***** make complex decisions within the comm*****y ***** help meet the goals and objectives of the health care ********** they work with (Campbell, et al. 1998). Common ***** facing *****'s ***** ***** ***** meeting the challenges of "higher level reasoning" associated with a leadership position ***** acquiring ***** critical thinking ability necessary to aid in complex decision mak*****g functions at the leadership ***** (***** et al. 1998). Nurses ***** face the challenge ***** overcoming obstacles including "dwindling and inadequate resources" that may result from changes in health care policy and tighter ***** policies, procedures and programs (Donahue, 482). Still ***** challenges nursing leaders face include providing multidimensional care ***** an increasingly diverse population of patients (Marquis & Huston, 2006). Today's patient is multi-fac*****ed; for nursing leaders to provide adequate care they must underst***** the implications culture, ethnicity and beliefs ***** on patient care, as well as *****and how access ***** care (influenced by managed care, socio-demographic variables and insurance) may affect an individuals ***** and patient outcomes (Marquis ***** Huston, 2006).

Anson (2000) suggests ***** one of the ***** difficult ***** ***** leaders must face ***** managing organizational change. Organizational ***** is ***** rampant ***** rapid ***** the business ***** health *****, in part because of "environmental and marketplace forces" that are ***** the way ***** paradigms operate (Anson, *****). Increas*****gly *****care reimbursement


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