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***** BEHAVIOR - *****ULE 2

Flexible, organic organization structures generate higher organization*****based self-esteem (OBSE) than do mechanistic, rigid organization *****. (5 points) a. True

***** performance depends on the proper combination of effort, ability, and skill. (***** points) b. False

____________ is ***** concept the individual has of himself or herself as a physic*****l, social, ***** spiritual or moral being. (5 points) e. Personality

Among ***** Big Five personality dimensions, ____________ had the strongest positive correlation with job and training performance. (***** points) c. conscientiousness

Although research indicates that men and women do not systematically differ in the manner suggested by traditional stereotypes, these stereotypes still persist. (5 po*****ts) a. True

The study of how people perceive one another ***** been labeled ____________. (5 points) b. social cognition

***** history professor, Dr. Stewart, has given below-average lectures for most of the semester. However, over ***** past couple of weeks, Dr. Stewart's ***** have really improved. It's now time to evaluate Dr. Stewart's *****. Because of his improvement, Kelly has decided to give him good ratings. Kelly is committing which type ***** perceptual error? (5 *****) b. Recency Effect person tends ***** pay attention to ____________ stimuli, ***** are often dictated ***** his or her ____________. (5 points) a. cognitive, cognitive style

One implication of Maslow's the*****y is that managers can feel comfortable that once an employee has ***** motivated, he or she will remain *****. (5 points) a. *****

What ***** the bottom-to-top sequence of needs in Maslow's need hierarchy? (5 points) e. Physiological, saf*****ty, love, esteem, self-actualization

One characteristic ***** high achievers is that they ____________. (5 points) b. prefer situations in which their perf*****mance is due to their own efforts.

____________ theories are based on the premise ***** the task itself is ***** key ***** motivation. (5 *****) e. Job charact*****ristics

Research findings show that expectancy theory can significantly predict job satisfaction. (5 points) a. True

***** ***** more likely to accept and support organizational change when they believe it is implemented fairly and ***** it produces equitable outcomes. (5 points) a. True

____________ holds that people are motivated ***** behave in ways that produce desired ********** of expected outcomes. (5 points) b. Expectancy theory

____________ lets ***** know if they are headed toward their goals or if ***** are off course and ***** to redirect ***** eff*****ts. (5 points) d. Feed*****ack

***** from one's supervisor is an example of an intrinsic reward. (***** points) b. False

Non-traditional feedback is growing for a number of re*****sons. Which of the following is one of *****se reasons? (5 points) d. Non-traditional feedback complements the traditional hierarchical ***** structure

***** of the following would be seen as a credible feedback source? (5 points) c. A m*****ager who relies on reasonable behavior standards.

____________ feedback occurs when individuals compare *****ir own perceived performance ***** feedback from superiors, subordinates, and peers, and perhaps even cus*****mers. (***** points) b.


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