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That Americans are, as a group, overweight is not news. From television commerci*****ls that advertise fast food as a w*****y to lose weight (Subway sandwiches) to news of individuals suing McDonald's for providing calorie-laden large portions to the popularity of Atkins diets in particular and low-carbohydrate diets in general, there is ample evidence that Americans are concerned with their *****. Despite the attention that ***** given ***** weight loss, however, the trend of overweight and obesity continues to increase in ***** United States. This research is intended to provide background information on the issue of obesity ***** the effects that it has on society to an audience that includes policy makers who may be in a position ***** make decisions that will help reverse this trend.


Individuals are considered overweight if ***** body mass index (BMI) is greater than 25 but less ***** 30. Above 30, the individual ***** ***** obese. Body mass ***** is computed as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters. According to a Rand Corporation study released in 2003, approximately 20 percent of ***** are considered obese based on self-reported weight, while 25 percent ***** Americans are c*****sidered ***** when objective weight measures ***** used. The disparity arises because individual tend to underreport *****ir weight when no ***** ***** are ***** (Sturm, *****).

Between 1986 and *****00, the prevalence of ***** in the United States with a body ***** index greater than 40 quadrupled from 0.5 percent to two *****. During the same period, the percentage of those individuals with BMIs in excess ***** 50 increased fivefold ***** 0.05 percent to 0.***** percent. ***** the ***** period, ***** ********** of ***** whose BMI exceeded 30, the threshold for obesity, doubled from ten percent ***** 20 *****. As illustrated in the follow*****g chart, this indicates ***** ***** only are Americans continuing to put on *****, they are gaining rates at increased rates so that the level of obesity is itself increasing (the chart uses a logarithmic scale so ***** percentage changes are clearly illustrated) (Sturm, **********).


Health experts agree that ***** results when an individual fails ***** burn ***** same or m*****e calories than ***** consumed. The ***** main components of controlling obesity are thus diet and exercise. Athletes in prime physical condition ***** well consume several times the minimum amount ***** daily calorie consumption without gaining any weight because ***** physical activity in which ***** engage burns the excess *****. When individuals eat large portions and fail to exercise, however, they s*****re the excess calories and put on weight. A recent survey indicates that *****mericans are aw***** of ***** relati*****ship, although they may fail to ***** in ***** or regular exercise regimens. ***** results ***** this survey, ***** asked Americans to choose three rea*****ns for the increase in *****, are presented ***** ***** chart below (Dolliver, 2004).

***** of Respondents

People Do


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