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observation of Middle School child—"Joanne" case study in the quick maturing quality ***** today's youth of a ten-year-old girl (Observation done a middle school during student's lunch period)

Section I


*****" (pseudonym) is a ***** young woman ***** Greek-American extraction. Her father ***** a Greek-American, naturalized during his adolescence in the city of Chicago. Her mother is a Greek immigrant. Joanne has been a resident ***** the area for most of her own life and education, however she frequently travels to Greece during the summers. At home, she speaks both ***** ***** Engl*****h. ***** mother is only fluent in Greek, and her father expresses difficulty in communication in both languages, according to his own report, depending on the length ***** time he has spent in either area. He frequently travels on bus*****ess back and forth to Greece, and has d*****e so all of his life, having minimal contact with his daughter and wife at both *****s. He ***** one other ***** from a previous m*****rriage whom Joanne has ***** interaction with. However, ***** is the ***** child within ***** household at the present time. At the time ***** the observation, her ***** had just left ***** ***** on travel (although he made himself available briefly before the observation), and thus Joanne was speaking mainly Greek at home, ***** mainly English in school.

***** a middle school student, ***** was evaluated ***** lunch ***** ***** the context of ***** classroom environment, at a local suburban public school often design*****ed as 'middle cl*****s.' This observation was conduced at ***** time, in this area, to give an idea of how Joanne related to her peers on an *****terpersonal level, as well ***** ***** level of academic development. According to her parents, whom were conferred with before and after the observation to obtain permission and to obtain further data regarding the young *****, Joanne's educational development has not been all that they have desired. They wished she had d***** better, not so much in terms of her grades, which were all A's ***** Bs, but in ***** extracurricular pursuits in b*****et and tennis, and also in ***** of the interest she s*****ed in school. ***** felt ********** had to push her very hard to succeed.

Regardless, Joanne's teac*****s expressed strong confidence ***** ***** ability, saying that ***** was slightly above her grade level in mathematics, although ***** language skills were somewhat deficient, partially, perhaps as a result of her bilingual ***** environment. She exhibited unusual prowess in the small foreign language component offered by the school in Spanish, although such displays are not unusual in students from multilingual **********, *****n that the cognitive are***** of the brain devoted to language development in a variety ***** areas are stimulated in a consistent and early fashion in a way that they might ***** be for all individuals.

Section II

Description of Development and *****

Joanne was observed during lunch period in the computer room ***** her school, check*****g ***** sending her email. ***** sat with


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