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Opinions of Love Expressed in Shakespeare's "Sonnet 116" and Dryden's "Why Should a Foolish Marriage Vow"

Love means different things to different people. Two poems that illustrate how opinions change depending on the stages ***** love are William Shakespeare's "S*****net *****" and John Dryden's "Why Should a ***** Marriage Vow."

These poems are love ***** but they express two different attitudes toward love. "Sonnet 116" expresses the positive side of love, focusing on its strength and importance. On the other h*****, "Why ***** a Foolish Marriage Vow" conveys the "other" side of love - the side ***** love that feels old and stale. While both poets believe in *****, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum ***** regards to ***** love affects **********.

Both poems explore the idea of marriage ***** the similarities end there. In "***** 116," the poet speaks positively ***** *****, introducing us to a metaphor or marriage st*****ing that it is a "***** of true minds" (Shakespeare 1), indicating ***** the poet believes he has found h***** soul mate. T*****e poet also refers to love as an "ever*****fixed mark" (5), meaning that his love never waxes or wanes. In addition, it is ***** "star to every w*****ering bark" (7). In "Why Should a Foolish ***** Vow," the ***** cl*****ims that marriage is "foolish" (Dryden 1). He also wonders why two people should honor a vow that was made "long ago" (2). In add*****ion, ***** poet wonders why two people should remain married "When passion is decay'd" (4). Here we see two very different points of view regarding love. Love may seem strong to the poet in "Sonnet 116" but it far from that in "Why Should a Fool*****h Marriage Vow." ***** the poet in "***** 116" experiences a love ***** is "never shaken" (Shakespeare 6) and is not "Time's fool" (9), the poet in "Why Should a Fool*****h ***** Vow" decl*****res that love and ***** are nothing more than "madness" (Dryden 13). Love is real but ***** can *****.

Sonnet 116" and "Why Should a Foolish Marriage Vow" offers ***** points of view when it comes ***** love. One ***** is happy in love and one poet ***** unhappy ***** bound to the ties of marriage.

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