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Opinions of Love Expressed in Shakespeare's "Sonnet 116" and Dryden's "Why Should a Foolish Marriage Vow"

Love means different things to different people. Two poems that illustrate how opinions change depending on the stages of love are William Shakespeare's "Sonnet *****" and John Dryden's "Why Should a ***** Marriage Vow."

These poems are love ***** but they express two different attitudes toward *****. "***** 116" *****es the positive side of love, focusing on its strength and importance. On the other h*****, "Why ***** a Foolish Marriage *****" conveys the "*****" side ***** love - the side of love that feels old and stale. While both poets believe in *****, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum ***** regards to ***** love affects them.

Both poems explore the idea of marriage but the similarities end there. In "Sonnet 116," the poet speaks positively of love, introducing us ***** a metaphor or marriage st*****ing that it is a "***** of true minds" (Shakespeare 1), indicating ***** ***** poet believes he has found his soul mate. The poet also refers to love as an "ever-fixed mark" (5), meaning that his ***** never waxes or wanes. In addition, it is the "star to every wandering bark" (7). ***** "Why Should a Foolish M*****rriage Vow," ***** poet claims that marriage is "foolish" (Dryden 1). He also wonders why two people should honor a vow that was made "long ago" (2). In addition, the poet wonders ***** two people should remain married "When passion is decay'd" (4). Here we see two very ***** points of view regarding love. Love may seem strong ***** the ***** in "***** 116" ***** it far from that in "***** Should a Fool*****h M*****rriage Vow." While the poet in "Sonnet 116" experiences a love that is "***** shaken" (Shakespeare 6) and is not "Time's fool" (9), the poet in "Why Should a Foolish M*****rriage Vow" declares that ***** and marriage are nothing more than "madness" (Dryden 13). ***** is real but love can *****.

***** 11*****" and "***** Should a Foolish Marriage Vow" offers different points of view when it comes to *****. ********** ***** is happy in love and one poet ***** unhappy and bound ***** the ties of *****.

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