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Oracle of Delphi

***** purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of ancient history. Specifically, it will discuss the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece, including the important aspects of ***** cultural experience that took place at Delphi. Delphi was one of the most significant oracles in Ancient *****. The Greeks submitted ********** most vital state constitutions to the oracle for approval, and ***** ********** god answered the most sacred ***** important questions of the day, as well (Burkert 116). Culturally, the Oracle at Delphi was a ***** part of the everyday lives and society of ***** people, who based their government, battles, and significant decisions on the *****'s prophesies. In addition, Apollo, the ***** important Greek god, ruled over the Oracle at Delphi, and was "present" dur*****g consultations when ***** oracle spoke. Thus, the Oracle at Delphi was one of the most ***** oracles in Greece, and had incredible influence over the people's *****. The cultural ***** ***** Delphi encompassed many aspect of ***** life, from the religious to the athletic, and so, it could be a microcosm of Greek culture ***** social life.

Apollo's sphere of influence of the ***** is legendary and well documented. According to *****, Apollo's sphere of influence included prophesizing or divination. Zeus clearly differentiated *****tween Apollo ***** Dionysus, h***** other son, giving Dionysus reign over the erotic, or in*****iation spheres, effectively separating *****ir duties and responsibilities, while he watc*****d over both equally (Burkert 111). ***** addition, *****'s w*****shippers stretched ***** Sicily throughout the sphere of Greek influence, and more than one city or town was named ***** the god. In fact, ********** is at least some evidence th***** Apollo was worshipped in ***** areas of *****e world, such as Asia Minor, and may have actually been imported to ***** (Burkert 144). As a son of Zeus, Apollo had incredible powers, and these powers led ***** his reverence as the ***** important and revered ***** god.

Apollo w***** a youthful god, *****nd as *****, he served ***** the ideal for the civilization, who revered youth as ***** model of perfection throughout the culture. ***** addition, the people saw Apollo as a god of the father (Zeus) and a special interpreter of ancient ideals and matters. They believed he resided in the middle ***** ***** people, or the "navel of ***** earth," and so he knew all and could prophesy all (Source Document). He was the most complex ***** the Greek gods because he actually re*****ed two opposite notions. In effect, ***** was a p*****radox. His sheath of arrows indicated he was a healing god, ***** yet, he ***** also ***** god ***** disease (or the plague), and so, he represented the opposites in culture - healing ***** disease. This made him one of the most ***** *****, but certainly one ***** the ***** interesting as well.

*****'s appeal ***** stems from the fact that he is so multi*****talented. ***** is a hunter ********** warrior, and yet, he is not


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