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Organizational Communication

Interview Overview—Management in Health Care

For the purposes of this assignment, I interviewed an individual at a local hospital, to ask them, from a m*****agement perspective, what the challenges were in ***** present health care industry. Overall, when assured of confidentiality, the individual responded to me that health care presents so***** of ***** most difficult emotional and practical challenges, from a management *****, for any management-level administrator. One of the most difficult organizational communication challenges is negotiating ***** completely different perspectives of the ***** care pr*****essionals in the arena of care, such as the doctors and nurses, with individuals at ***** hospital primarily concerned with cutting costs and fulfilling administrative, rather than care giving functions.

*****, even doctors, nurses, ***** other practitioners primarily ***** with care can be at odds amongst themselves. In today's cost-***** environment, nurses are *****ten called upon to per*****m the tasks of doc*****rs. This can cause anger on the part of the doctors, and also anger on the ***** of the nurses who believe that their diagnostic ***** treatment capabilities ***** not accorded enough respect. Also, physician's assistants are increasingly asked to fulfill the functions ***** *****, which *****s organizational conflict, as well ***** the fact that physician ***** are asked ***** perform, quite often, the tasks of aids, despite their job description. Mediation and an adequate counseling and human resource staff has provided some relief.

Additional challenges for ***** members relate to the ***** arcane referral system at ***** hospitals, which are ********** misunderstood by both patients and *****givers. It is often tempting for individuals responsible for the financial management of the hospital to sacrifice care, to preserve budgetary needs and constraints, and it is *****ten ***** ***** ********** and nurses to attempt to circumvent the ***** protocols of insurance referrals, in the interest ***** preserving ***** best care for patients, but putting the hospital at ***** and legal r*****k. Communication between different arms of the hospital is essential in meeting these *****. Frequent staff meetings to keep doc*****rs and ***** abreast of the often ***** language of the insurance industry, and of ***** budgetary and public relations state of the hospital is just as necessary as keeping o*****r budgetary and admin*****trative members aware of the changes and challenges in the health *****


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