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Human resource managers are like jugglers and tightrope walkers in some respect, i.e., they must balance the need to hire, retain, and train the employees who are ***** best qualified for the job while ensuring corporate profits steadily rise and ***** expenses hold steady at a re*****sonable level. As today's workforce becomes increasingly diverse, human ***** managers are being faced with increasingly complex organizational and environmental factors that affect human resource management. These organizational and ***** factors have resulted in human resource managers evolv*****g from old school sideline coaches to front-line fighters. Employees are crucial ***** an organization's success and human resources managers must ensure ***** ***** are maximizing every individual's abilities, knowledge, qualifications, ***** skills. This paper analyzes and examines organizational ***** environmental factors affecting human resource management. Part II discusses organizational factors ***** human ***** management. In ***** III, ***** ***** affecting human resource management. Lastly, this ***** concludes with recommendations for addressing ***** organizational and environmental factors ***** human resource management.


One of the most important organizational ***** that affects ***** resources management is ***** assignment and distribution of power and responsibility among both entry-mid ***** employees and management level employees. It is crucial ***** human resources managers to ensure that ***** and responsibility are distributed as evenly as possible between entry-mid level employees and management level ***** in order to avoid conflict and resentment from brewing. For example, if employees feel as ***** their direct supervisor is constantly hovering over them, waiting to criticize their performance, ***** motivation level and consequently performance ***** will suffer. To obtain and sustain a competitive advantage, human resource managers should develop and implement strategies for identifying, recruiting, hiring, and most importantly, retaining those employees with the highest level of talent, talent which is difficult to imitate, rare, and valuable. There are several other organizational factors that affect ***** resource management. For example, the most successful corporations ***** those which actively foster a corporate culture based on commitment, honesty, loyalty, opportunity ***** advancement, rewards for outstanding performance, and most importantly, respect. Employees should be able to look ***** their direct supervisors as well as the head ***** the corporation ***** feel as if their contributions are truly making a difference. In addition, human resource managers should foster an environment where employees ***** constantly challenged, one ***** goals are clearly defined, where immediate feedback is available, and where recognition ***** reward is available for superior performance.


Diversity is one of the most important environmental factors that *****s human resource management. There are several forms ***** diversity, including age, economic status, education level, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual preference, and socioeconomic status. Hiring and retaining a diverse workforce offers ***** resource managers the ability to attract, motivate, and retain human resources effectively; capitalize on and identify opportunities to improve products ***** services; ***** ***** quality of dec*****ion-*****


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