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Organizational Leadership

Organizational Culture and *****


***** objective of this work is to research organizational culture and leadership and the impact for consulting firms in relation ***** focus outsourc*****g, global ********** and global competition.


Cultural elements exist that actually threaten the very survival of a group. These elements require adaptation into the culture and it is ***** leader ***** the ***** ***** is looked to by ***** group for creation, development or that has the power of vision to discover that solution. The role of *****ship within cultural settings must give consideration to not only external ***** ***** conditions but to the internal forming of relationships that negotiate well with the group's well-being in focus.

Accord*****g to Schein (2000) "Culture is a phenomenon th*****t surrounds us all." This is clearly seen in the neighborhoods, communities, churches and civic organizations within the community as well as the sub-culture that exists from one racial and ethnic group to a*****her ***** the community. Culture is deeply embedded within the framework of society and it ***** indeed culture that gives definition ***** ***** leadership within that *****. Culture is easily defined as the morals and c*****toms within a group *****nd in order to understand the culture the observation ***** the language, behavior, customs and traditions is vital. Also crucial for underst*****ing ***** observation of ***** groups values and principles in liv*****g ***** the interaction of the members of the group. Culture is defined ***** ***** (2000) as being "A pattern ***** share basic assumptions ***** the ***** learned as it solved its problems of ***** adaptation and internal integration, that has worked ***** enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to ***** taught to new members as the correct way you perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems." Evolution takes place within a group through finding solutions, hypo*****sis ***** proven to be reality and in learning something new which critically needs repeat disco*****.

*****: Schein (2000)

Stated by Schein (*****) is one very critical point: "A ***** mismatch in an acquisition or merger is as great a r*****k as a fin*****ci*****l, product, ***** ma*****et *****." Differentiation exists among ***** in the conceptual dimension as related to time, boundaries, morality ***** even that which is the agreed upon reality. For ********** what ***** accepted in one group ***** reality is considered to be fantastic or phenomenal in other **********. The autonomous nature of human be*****gs strives toward the evolution ***** change and ***** is even true in the realm of ***** ***** as ***** methodological *****s. Senior leadership feels that younger and fresher ideas of management and methods are both abrasive elements while perpetual change drives the organization and ***** group in an inherent m*****ner. Schein (2000)

External Elements Propelling Change

External elements also propel change ***** the cultural grouping. For instance in the familial group*****g the marriage of a family member means ***** integration of an 'outsider' into the group. In the institutional or ***** setting the hiring, firing, *****


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