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Organizational Structure of Starbucks

Structure is one of the most critical components of an org*****ization. As one text notes, "structure ***** a powerful tool for re*****ching strategic goals, and a str*****tegy's success often is determined by its fit with organization structure" (Daft, 1997, p. 352). This link between strategy and structure will be investigated ***** considering the com*****any Starbucks. Firstly, the structure of the organization will be described. The link ***** structure ***** strategy ***** then be discussed. This will be followed by considering problems that the current structure is likely to cause and suggesting what changes might need ***** be made. Finally, the impact of these changes will be discussed.

Starbucks has a fl*****t organizational structure with departmentalization by function. The basic organizational design has the Office ***** the Chairman ***** the Board of Directors at the top level. The next level is ***** up of senior level executives. Below th*****, *****e company is divided into functions (FED, 2003). The organizational structure has an emphasis on involving all employees. For example, cross-functional work teams are used for strategic planning and a steering committee comprised of the heads of each functional *****a meet regularly (FED, *****). There is also an ***** on ***** and empowering ***** at the lower levels of the company. For *****, in roast*****g plants self-managed teams are used, where a te*****m ***** resp*****sible for accomplishing a specific job (FED, 2003). Cross-function*****l teams are also used to make hiring decisions ***** ***** appraisal systems involve all employees. The company ***** involves all employees by holding open *****ums every quarter. Overall, this structure can be defined as a flat ***** structure, departmentalized by function and ***** various elements present ***** encourage employee involvement. This includes an emphasis on team***** ********** empowerment.

Starbucks describes its missi***** as being "to establish Starbucks ***** the premier purveyor of ***** finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles ***** we grow" (*****, *****, Mission Statement). To ac***** ***** mission statement, Starbucks also has a list of principles it b*****ses its operations on. These include providing a great working envir*****ment, applying ***** highest standards ***** excellence to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of ***** coffee ***** developing enthusiastically satisfied cus*****mers all of the time (Starbucks, 2003, Mission Statement). ***** achieve this task of providing a good working environment, providing excellent products and satisfying customers, Starbucks needs to ensure ***** employees are satisfied. Importantly, the majority of Starbucks income is received through its retail stores. This retail selling has a strong service component to it, where customers are purchasing more than a product, they are ***** an experience. How employees interact with consumers becomes critical to the org*****ization's *****. In addition, it must be noted that this ***** selling is being carried out at al***** 6000 stores across America ***** overseas (Starbucks, *****, Timeline and History). This does not make it feasible for Starbucks to constantly assess the operations at each ***** ********** *****. Instead, it is necessary for Starbucks *****


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