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organizational success


***** ***** can be best measured with the help of some established, tested and tried tools including benchmarking, industry standards, business plans etc. Benchmarking is the most sought-after method for measuring success and there are numerous obvious benefits. For one it helps the firm identify where the actual problems ***** bottlenecks exist. It provides a re*****listic way of assessing a company's strengths and *****ing its weaknesses. Chris Gardner, a benchm*****rking guru, notes: '"Benchmarking takes the guesswork out of how an organization is doing performance-wise and provides realistic improvement targets," (Carlin). But while the benefits are many, benchmarking may not be able to correctly assess a firm's success bec*****use the standards used may actually be much higher than a small or medium-sized can ever hope to achieve. In o*****r words, un***** comparisons may render ***** useless or at least inaccurate. Similarly ***** standards may also fail ***** consider a firm's size or its scope of operation when measuring it against industry's giants. Comparing Wal-Mart to the grocery store in your *****a is not only fool*****h, it is also a highly inaccurate ***** of fathering realistic information about ***** organization. While industry standards do help us determine the qual*****y of a product or service, it m*****y also restrict the entire industry. "They [standards] can be inflexible and force producers to make products a cert*****in way when o*****r options are just as good, sometimes *****tter, than what a standard dictates." (Pros and cons of standards, 1999) Organizational ***** may ***** be measured against company's business plan. Business ***** is a blueprint ***** business's potenti*****l future and success. If ***** has not been met or if the reality is not as good as ***** plan had originally env*****ioned, there may actually be a problem ***** organization's performance. ***** business ***** is the le*****t realistic or reli***** method of ***** success because when a firm steps in the m*****rket and ***** starts perf*****ming, it's a whole different ballgame. A firm can also measure success by checking its ***** and goals. ***** all objectives were met and ***** ***** achieved, ***** ***** can ***** itself a ***** and ***** reasons to be satisfied with its performance.


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