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Outline of Persuasive Speech on Exercise (Persuasive Speech)

I. Introduction (Attention/Need)

*****. When was the last time you said, "I do not have time to exercise?" Last week, yesterday, or ***** it the ***** sunny day when you saw confident, athletic runners enjoying the sunshine? When was ***** last ***** ***** said, "***** do not have time to watch television?" Probably never! But like any f*****m of entertainment, ***** should be fun. Exercising does not have ***** be a chore! We can all enjoy the benef*****s of exercise by participating in daily hobbies that make us feel good.

B. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on "***** and Fitness" (2008): "There are 1,440 minutes in every *****. Schedule 30 of them for physical activity!" This ***** be as simple as going for a w*****lk—whatever you find enjoyable!

C. Ten years ago when I joined the armed forces, I thought the *****nefits of exercise could only be enjoyed through regimented disciplined training. Today, without the discipline of the military, I enjoy running like ***** did in the armed *****.

A also enjoy other hobbies such as swimm*****g, kayaking, hiking, and simply strolling down the sidewalk.

*****. Claim:

would like ***** all to find a hobby th*****t inspires you ***** incorporate ***** fitness and body streng*****ning into your life!

II. Body of Speech (Satisfaction)

***** How would you like to lose weight, add years to your *****, and lower your risk for chronic illness?

*****. Purpose: It's not in a pill, and it h***** no side effects—the answer is exerc*****e.

*****. Techniques: Exercise burns calories which ********** your ***** of coronary heart disease, stroke, non-insulin-dependent (type 2) diabetes mellit*****, high blood pressure, and colon cancer by 30-50% according to the U.S. Department of Health ***** Human Services (1996). Active people ***** lower premature death rates as well.

*****. Need (Introduction or body)

A. Purpose: Sometimes the first step off the couch is the hardest step. It is my desire to motivate you all to make that first step, to find something you love, and commit to improving your physical and mental health.

*****. Techniques:

*****. State need a. Lots of times, we feel we have little energy, so we grab a cup of c*****ee—and a sugary doughnut.

b. But really, ********** only *****ing to ***** problems of inactivity and a lack of energy—the less we move, the less fit ***** become.

2. Illustration: Everyone knows someone who was once a jock in high school, but no longer competes.

3. Ramifications: But exercise is a healthy habit that you need to keep up with, here ***** now—to build healthy bones, lower your cholesterol, and keep ***** weight and blood sugar under control, acc*****ding to ***** CDC ("Why ***** I be active, 2007, *****).

*****. Pointing: The importance if exerc*****e is so great you can't afford not ***** exercise—if you don't find time to do it, you'll shorten your ***** on earth.

Satisfaction (body)

*****. Purpose: Even moderate exercise can result


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