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Outline of Persuasive Speech on Exercise (Persuasive Speech)

I. Introduction (Attention/Need)

*****. When was the last time you said, "I do not have time to exercise?" Last week, yesterday, or ***** it the last sunny day when ***** saw confident, athletic runners enjoying the sunshine? When was the last time you said, "***** do ***** have time to watch television?" Probably never! But like any f*****m ***** entertainment, exercise should be fun. Exercising ********** not have ***** be a chore! We can all enjoy ***** benef*****s of exercise by participating in daily hobbies that make us feel good.

B. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on "***** and Fitness" (2008): "There are 1,440 minutes in every *****. Schedule 30 of them ***** physical activity!" This ***** be as simple as going for a w*****lk—whatever you find *****able!

C. Ten years ago when I joined the armed forces, I thought ***** benefits of exercise could only be enjoyed through regimented disciplined training. Today, without the discipline of the military, I enjoy running ***** I did in ***** armed *****.

A also enjoy other hobbies such as swimming, kayaking, hiking, and simply strolling down the sidewalk.

*****. Claim:

***** like ***** all to find a hobby th*****t inspires you to incorporate ***** fitness and body streng*****ning into your life!

*****I. Body of ***** (Satisfaction)

Attention How would you like to lose weight, add years to your *****, and lower your risk for chronic illness?

*****. Purpose: It's not in a pill, and it has no side effects—the answer is exerc*****e.

B. Techniques: Exercise burns calories which ********** your ***** of coronary heart disease, stroke, non-*****sulin-dependent (type 2) diabetes mell**********, high blood pressure, and colon cancer by 30-50% according ***** the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (1996). Active people have lower premature death rates as well.

2. Need (Introduction or body)

A. Purpose: Sometimes the first step *****f the couch is the hardest step. It is my desire to motivate you all to make that first step, to find something you love, ***** commit to improving your physical and mental health.

*****. Techniques:

*****. State need a. Lots of times, we feel we have little energy, so we grab a cup of c*****fee—and a sug*****ry doughnut.

b. But really, we're only ********** to the problems of inactivity and a lack ***** *****—the less we move, the less fit ***** become.

2. Illustration: Everyone knows someone who was once a jock in high school, but no longer competes.

3. Ramifications: But exercise is a healthy habit that you need to keep up with, here and now—to build healthy bones, lower your cholesterol, ***** ***** ***** weight and ***** sugar under control, according to the CDC ("Why ***** I be active, 2007, *****).

4. Pointing: The importance if exercise is so great you can't afford not to exercise—***** you don't find time to do it, you'll shorten your time on earth.

Satisfacti***** (body)

A. Purpose: Even moderate ***** can result


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