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The Outsourcing of America



This study looks at the outsourcing of *****n jobs and how this is affecting the workers in America. There are many serious effects on the country, both positive and negative, that are related to the fact that many jobs are being outsourced, but there is also the issue of what the media wants individuals to believe about ***** and what it really accurate. Dispelling the myth that outsourcing is nothing but dangerous and problematic is ***** important.

***** study uses qualitative methods to show that ***** can be good for the economy and ***** the country, although not necessarily for the specific *****. Some may find *****tter jobs, but ***** others do not, and therefore there are both pros and cons to the ***** of outsourcing American ***** to other countries. Why companies ***** this varies based on the company, but the main reasons appear to be profit margins ***** the ability to high more highly-skilled workers in America with the money that the company saves by send*****g the lower-skilled jobs overseas.

Chapter One: Introduction

***** Statement

***** of the Study

***** of the Study

Scope of ***** Study

***** of the Study

Definition of Terms

Overview of the Study

Chapter Two: Review of Related Literature

Chapter Three: Methodology


Data Gathering Method

Database of the *****

Validity of Data

Originality and Limitations of *****

***** of Chapter *****

***** Four: Data Analysis

Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusions, ***** Recommendations


Chapter *****: Introduction

***** Statement

The plight of ***** American worker is something that has been lamented throughout history for various reasons. Some of these reasons were ***** more significant than others, and some ***** the ***** were simply complaints ***** the workers felt that ********** could get away *****. However, ***** is ********** different than just a workers' complaint. The reason behind this is that outsourcing affects so many different people ***** various *****s. From the poorly-skilled immigrant that is desperate for a job to the corporate executive ***** loses his job because there is no longer anyone for him to supervise, outsourcing can affect almost everyone.

The issue of outsourcing is one that has been misunderstood for many years. There are individuals that study it and discuss how significant it is, and there are ***** that see ***** as some kind of made-up problem that is really not important enough to focus on. Both of these are valid points of view but, in recent years, it has generally been accepted that outsourcing ***** problematic for many American workers today, and that the ***** ***** it is important. Unlike st*****ard business problems, such as *****s with *****s or employee morale, outsourcing ***** not something that can be 'cured' by making some adjustments to the business as it is understood in the traditional sense. It ********** so ***** ***** ***** there is a real *****sue of what it is doing to the ***** as a whole.

However, there are ways to handle it and


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