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Overcrowding in the Prison System


Overcrowding in the prison system is a serious problem faced ***** nations around the globe. Both developed and developing nations are experiencing *****s that are filled to up to 300 percent of *****ir capacity. In the United States the pr*****on population more than quadr*****led between the years of 1978 and 2001 (Marciniak 10). As a result ***** this overcrowding, *****re is increased incidents of violence, a rampant spread ***** disease in ***** out of the prison, poorer security in place than if appropriate inmate levels were maintained, higher rates ***** recidivism, and unhygienic living conditions for inmates. With resources stretched beyond capacity, important resocialization ***** reintegration programs become a low priority in the system ("Addressing Prison").

Factors in Prison Overcrowding:

***** noted, almost every country in the world is experienc*****g an overcrowding of their prison *****s. This trend is the result of a variety ***** factors. These include: tougher criminal policies ***** view imprisonment as a prim*****ry means of punishing criminals. Included in this is "a ***** toward longer sentences reflecting a reaffirmation of the value ***** punishment and a movement ***** more determinate ***** and restrictions on early release, thereby reducing the ability of pris***** administrations to deal with overcrowding problems" (Giertz & Nardulli 71) In addition, there is a reduced use of bail and a failure to fully implement early ***** programs, an increase in crime rates in many countries, and an overburdened, *****efficient criminal justice system ("Addressing Prison").

***** the problem is an ***** in the number of parole violators. Between the years 1980 and 2000, the ***** of parole violators that ***** sent back to prison ***** from 27,000 to more than 200,000 (Travis).

Challenges as a Result of Prison *****:

One of the primary challenges with ***** overcrowding is simply the inhumanity of ***** situation. Overcrowded prisons have seen more than the designed ***** inmates crowded in***** these confined spaces. This inhumane treatment only serves to perpetuate a wide ***** of social ills that plague communities in general ("***** *****").

In *****, overcrowded prison systems *****ten lead to serious health consequences. Due to overcrowding, prisoners are often forced ***** share beds, bedding ***** personal space. These close living quarters contribute to the spread of a variety of communicable diseases, including Tuberculosis. And, it's not just the inmates that suffer from ***** spread of disease, disease spread can affect those outside the prison system as well. As an example, ***** recent outbreaks ***** Tuberculosis in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries have been directly linked to outbreaks in the local prison population, which was exacerbated by the overcrowding of the ***** ("Addressing Prison").

In addition to the spread of disease, overcrowding has also been positively associated with increased tension and violence in prisons. With more prisoners ***** the system was ***** to accommodate, it is ***** d*****ficult, and sometimes impossible, for prison authorities to prevent violence, let alone gain control once ***** occurring.

***** has ***** resulted in deadly


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