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Definition of the topic

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. There are two primary forms of the disease, acute and chronic. Acute pancreatitis is a sudden unflammation ***** the ***** that ***** almost always accompanied by abdominal pain and discomfort. The chronic form of pancreatitis continues to recur, and is usually the result ***** poor diet and/or alcohol abuse.

***** Pancreas ***** a gland that produces digestive enzymes. It is positioned behind the stomach. The pancreas functions ***** secreting digestive enzymes into the duodenum (upper part of the small intestine) through a sm*****ll tube called, apporpriately enough, ***** pancreatic duct. The enzymes of the pancreas aid in the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, the pancreas ***** responsible for releasing the hormones insulin and glucagon, both ***** which ***** the body in us*****g the glucose in foods.

***** Pancreatitis, the ***** with***** the pancreas become active ***** begin to digest the ***** itself. These enzymes normally do not become ***** until they reach the small intestine.

The acute from of the ***** manifests quickly and then resolves itself. Thechronic from is similar, but does not resolve ***** and slowly destroys the pancreas the longer the condition persists. In either case, there can be serious complications, iincluding bleeding, tissue damage ***** infection. Fluid and tissue debris can accumulate and form ***** pseudocysts ********** the organ. It is possible for the enzymes ***** ***** fluids to enter the bloodstream and ***** ***** damage other *****s, such as the heart, lungs and kidneys.


The following statistics have been provided by the National Institute of Healththrough the ***** Institute ***** National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (http:/**********/statistics.htm).The incidence of acute pancreatitis is 17 new *****s per 100,000 people, according to figures ranging ***** 1976-1988.

As of 2002, *****re had ***** 3532 ********** deaths due to acute pancreatit*****. Also in 2002, there was 333,000 hospitalizations due to the ***** *****m ***** the disease, as opposed to 86,000 for chronic pancreatitis. In 1987 alone, there was also more than a million physici*****n office visits ascribed to pancreatitis, with roughly ninety percent of all ***** being cases of acute pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is considered severe if it is accompanied by organ failure in one or more areas, ***** pseudocysts appear, or in the case of pancreatic necros*****. One fifth of all cases ***** acute pancreatitis are necrotiz*****g, meaning that some *****as of nonviable parenchyma exist in the patient's *****, as well ***** in peripancreatic fat areas (Aronson 1999). However most patients have interstitial pancreatitis as ***** to necrotizing, which is milder.

Pathophysiology/signs and symptoms with rationale for each

The most obvious symptom is ***** in the abdomen. Cases of ***** ***** usually begins with pain in the upper abdomen which will persist for a few days.

The pain may remain centralized on the abdomen, or could spread to other areas (***** as the back). Chr*****ic cases do not ***** result in intense or constant pain, so the ***** form of


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