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This paper focuses on the male/female perspective on the issue of aborti***** as it appears in Ernest Hemingway's most subtle short story, 'Hills like white elephants'. The author has made use of symbolism to highlight the problems experienced by most married couples due ***** lack ***** proper communication. Hemingway chose this topic because he believed in this interesting iceberg theory which has been explained in the concluding part of this *****.


***** *****me of *****on is predominant in the story titled, "Hills like white elephants." The *****, Ernest Hemingway, however ***** not mentioned the actual word 'abortion' throughout ***** entire short ***** but instead has used symbols and vague dialogues to convey h***** message to the readers. ***** reason why Hemingway probably refrained from using ***** actual term was because he firmly believed in using dialogues and language, which required deeper study. The author wanted the readers to know about male and female perspective on this ***** ***** thus chose to highlight the theme with effective use of symbolism and ambiguous dialogues. It is important to understand that Ernest Hemingway has not tried ***** advocate any particular opinion, he appears to be concerned only with the way males and fe***** view ***** issue. The opinions ***** two characters on the controversial issue of abortion reveal ***** dif*****rences in male-female psyches. This story is indeed a classic tale revealing the subtle differences that exist in the way men and women view different things. (Lamb, 1996) ***** opinions mentioned in this ***** may not apply to every man and woman ***** the world but they certainly contain substance, which shows that they are based more on psychological study of human minds and attitudes than casual observations.

Everything from the physical setting ***** dialogues to characterization serves the real purpose of the story, which is to expose the gaps that surface in relationships due to poor *****. The female character is a timid femin*****t who though knows what's right for her, still fails to convince her husb***** that abortion is ***** the ideal solution for the stabilization of their fading relationship. The male however is a typical chauvin*****t ***** cannot read her wife's mind and is using all psychological tactics to blackmail her in***** doing what he thinks would lead to ***** mutual happiness. There are m***** ways in which the ***** and ***** opinions in this story can ***** interpreted but one thing is clear. The ***** views pregnancy as something beautiful while ***** ********** sees it as a burden. And similarly the former thinks of ***** ***** something highly undesirable while the latter feels it could resolve all their problems once and for all. He keeps implying that if she goes through the abortion procedure, it would take them back to those pre-pregnancy happy days. This is ***** a ***** t*****ctic ***** get her to undergo this operation without realizing that his wife doesn't wish to abort the pregnancy. This is where we


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