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This paper looks at the question of Why the United St*****es of America initially adopted an isolationist st*****ce After the American War for Independence in 1781.

***** did the ***** States ***** America initially adopted an isolationist st*****ce After the American War for Independence in *****.

In 1775 ***** thirteen British colonies in North America rose up against their parent country Great Britain. The war was known as the American Revolution and w***** seen by the British Crown as an affront to its rule, as a result it increased *****s strangle hold upon the colonists (Anonymous, 2002).

***** this attempt ***** ***** by an iron h***** forced t*****e colonists to officially declare war upon the British and form a new government with their own Constitution. ***** war ended in 1781 and America was recognized as an independent nation by the British Government in 1783 (*****, 2002).

However, in 1778, before ***** end of the war ***** had already signed treaties with Spain and France. One of ***** Treaties with ***** was the "Treaty of Amity and Commerce" although this was not a tre*****ty ***** war it was in many ways more important as at this time commerce was badly needed ***** support the ***** Americas (Anonymous, 2002).

The Tre*****y gave the United States of America the special privileges ***** trade with the French ***** *****y would also be granted the status of what is kn***** as a "most favoured nation" th***** in essence gave the ***** States ***** America a full st*****tus ***** all ***** with France.

***** the ***** of indep*****ence over the *****s could *****gin to rebuild their economy, however, they ***** not trade with just the French and *****ish, the British were still officially at war with them and therefore would not recognize any independent ***** ***** such they Americans were forced ***** look inwards for an economic stability (*****, 2002).

Sadly the isolationist attitude *****d the refusal of many British merchants to handle American goods forced the United States into a recession that lasted for nearly two decades new tariffs were imposed by the ***** traders which in-turn caused more conflict amongst those competing for economic stability (Anonymous, 2002).

When Washington left ***** post as President he urged his fellow countrymen to remain free from any other country, ***** prevent ***** influential rise of any political parties that could ruin all that the American people had fought and died for, the run ***** isolationism continued ***** many years until America ***** strong enough to defeat any country that attempted to have an influence ***** its affairs (Cole, 1991)

Furthermore they withdrew from ***** political arena in the official capacity, it must be remembered ***** *****n Privateers ***** helped the ***** during the Peninsula Wars with Great Britain (Cole, *****)

***** ***** United States of America decided ***** take on ***** Isolationist role they took it upon themselves to step out ***** the world, *****y *****ok a non-involvement *****ttitude towards all affairs that concerned the Old world


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