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This paper looks at the question of Why the United States of America initially adopted an isolationist stance After the American War for Independence in 1781.

***** did the United States ***** America initially adopted an isolationist st*****ce After the American ***** for Independence in 1781.

In 1775 ***** thirteen British colonies in North America rose up against their parent country Great Britain. The war was known as the American Revolution and was seen by the British Crown as an affront to its rule, as a result it increased its str*****gle hold upon ***** colonists (Anonymous, 2002).

From this attempt to ***** by an iron h***** forced the colonists to officially declare war upon the British *****d form a new government with their own Constitution. The war ended in ***** and America was recognized as an independent nation by the ***** Government in 1783 (Anonymous, 2002).

However, in 1778, before the end of the war America had already signed treaties ***** Spain and France. One of ***** Treaties with France was the "Treaty of Amity and Commerce" although this was not a tre*****ty of war it was in many ways more important as at this time commerce was badly needed ***** support the new Americas (Anonymous, 2002).

The Tre*****y gave the Un*****ed States of America the special privileges in trade with the French ***** *****y would also be granted the status ***** what is kn***** as a "most favoured *****" th***** in essence gave ***** United States of America a full st*****tus ***** all ***** with *****.

***** the War ***** indep*****ence over the *****s could begin to rebuild *****ir economy, however, they ***** not trade ***** just the French and *****ish, the British were still offici*****y at war with them and therefore ***** not recognize any independent ***** ***** such they Americans were forced to look inwards for an economic stability (*****, 2002).

Sadly the isol*****ionist attitude *****d ***** refusal of many British merchants ***** handle American goods forced the United States into a recession that lasted for nearly two decades new tariffs ***** imposed by the American traders which in-turn caused more conflict amongst those competing for economic stability (Anonymous, 2002).

***** Washington left the post as President he urged his fellow countrymen to remain free from any other country, to prevent any influential rise of any political parties that could ruin all ***** the American people had fought and died for, the run of isolationism continued for many years until America ***** strong enough to defeat any country that *****ed ***** have an influence upon ***** affairs (Cole, 1991)

Furthermore ***** withdrew from any ***** arena in the official capacity, it must be remem*****red that ***** Privateers still helped the ***** dur*****g the Peninsula *****s w*****h Great Britain (Cole, *****)

***** ***** United States of America decided to take on an Isolationist role they took it ***** themselves to step out ***** the world, they ***** a non-involvement ***** *****w*****rds all ***** that concerned the Old world


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