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This paper presents an examination of Henri Fayol's five m*****agement theories. The author explores each component ***** the theories and applies them to examples of how they apply in today's workforce environment with a focus on electronic engineering. *****re were four sources used to complete this paper.


Management styles are an ever evolving art *****d science combination that is looking to improve the quality of relationships between management and employees. While it is important ***** continue reaching for improvement it is also important to hang onto ***** tried and true theories that have been developed over the years. One of the most successful ***** of management ***** the Henri Fayol functions ***** principles ***** management theory. His theory includes five management theories. In the field of electronic engineering it is ***** to have sound and organized ***** structure. The use of the five management theories ***** by Fayol are still instrumental in successful management within this field.

***** the planning ***** any management program it is important to use organization and consistency so that the program will be *****. In Henri ***** theory there ***** ***** important elements that include(Fayol's functions of ***** (

Planning - Setting objectives, strategies etc.

Organizing - Managers setting tasks and organizing staff.

***** - Giving orders to staff ***** jobs are completed.

Coordinating - Management must ensure ***** there is consistency throughout the business.

Controlling - Making sure all individuals fit in with the plan(Fayol's ***** of management ("

One of the reasons that this set of ***** works well in the field of electronic engineering is the developer, ***** Fayol was a French engineer. He beg*****n his engineering c*****er in the mines and years later after he retired he published his ***** about administrative management roles and processes. It was ***** published work that gave him his recognition(***** (1841-1925) Functions and Principles of ***** (

Fayol believed that these management strategies could be applied ***** any kind of business or management structure and *****ganization.

Each of the five steps serves a purpose.

Step one is to forecast and plan. This provides an examination ***** the future. If it is a restaur*****t business, ***** might forecast the number of ***** customers ***** it anticipates. If it is an ***** firm it might involve forecasting ***** predicting not only ***** number of jobs that ***** be contracted in the next year, but also what types of jobs they will be.

Once the forecast has been completed a plan ***** action can be developed and implemented.

***** second step ***** to organize. Organization is a key element ***** any successful management technique. ***** is a broad based term ***** entails ***** only the *****ning of paperwork, but also the human resource needs currently ***** in the future.

Be*****g sure to hire qualified people in the num*****rs needed to handle ***** forecasted work is an ***** ***** of the ***** according to Fayol. In the ***** ***** ***** engineering th***** means not only hiring enough engineers


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