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This paper presents an overview of Muscular Dystrophy. The writer explores the types, ***** causes, the symptoms and ***** research to find a cure. There were six sources used to complete this *****.

***** would be hard pressed to find an American who has never witnessed the Jerry Lewis telethon for Muscular *****. It is an *****nual Labor Day tradition and has *****en for many decades. While everybody is aware that Lewis does the ***** and have watched it at least once, they would have a difficult time reporting on the disease the teleth***** aims to *****. ***** Dystrophy is a d*****order th***** afflicts millions ***** people in the world but ***** laymen language it seems ***** get confused with other disorders frequently.

***** word dystrophy means faulty nutrition ***** comes from Greek and Latin roots. When the word is combined with muscular it ***** easily understood as muscles not being given ***** proper nutrients to function. Doctors who ***** the symptoms visually but did not have the advances of medical science to explore or prove its existence first described the disease in the 19th century. "Today, we know that many muscle-wasting *****s are caused by defects in genes ***** muscle prote*****s. Most of these proteins appear to play a role in supporting the structure ***** muscle fibers, although some may play a role in the biochemical processes that go on in muscle *****. The term muscular ***** refers to a group of genetic diseases marked ***** progressive *****akness and degeneration of ***** skeletal, or voluntary, muscles, which control movement. The muscles of the heart ***** some other in***** muscles ***** also affected in some forms of muscular dystrophy, and a few ***** *****volve ***** organs as well(Most Frequently Asked Questions About Muscular Dystrophy ("

***** Dystrophy affects all ages. Some of the forms can become apparent in childhood or *****fancy while others appear in adulthood ***** the teen years. Some ***** do not make ********** known until the person is planted firmly in their middle aged ***** or even senior years. Years a***** ***** diagnosis of childhood MD meant dying shortly thereafter but with ********** medical advances the children afflicted are living longer than ever before.

***** there ***** many forms of MD the most commonly seen ones, are "myotonic, Duchenne, Becker, limb-girdle, facioscapulohumeral, congenital, oculopharyngeal, distal ***** Emery-Dreifuss(Most Frequently Asked Questions ***** Muscular Dystrophy (" Some of them are named after the ***** that are affected and others are founded in the type of trouble ********** cause for the muscles. There are ***** some named after the doctors who uncovered the form's *****. "As the root causes (gene defects) ***** the muscular dystrophies ***** discovered, ***** are beginning to change their thinking about how to classify some of the dystrophies. In some cases, a type of ***** dystrophy that looked like it might be one disease ***** been found to be s*****al different diseases, caused by several different ***** defects. In other cases, ***** that looked ***** have


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