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Parental Involvement In Education

Research Question

The purpose of this study is to analyze how parental involvement affects education. Specifically the researcher will attempt to address the following question: How can parents involve themselves in education to facilitate student learning and achievement and best ass*****t students in becoming productive members of society at large. Multiple studies have suggested that parental involvement is increasingly important to student ***** (Machen, Notar & Wilson, 2005; Bravmann, Green, Joseph, Mikel ***** Windschitl, 2000; Kaplan, 1997).

Parental involvement serves many purposes; it re-emphasizes the bond between parent and child; it helps create an atmosphere of collaboration between parent and ***** it *****s greater underst*****ing ***** pre-learning environments ***** ********** and teachers so educators can develop a curriculum based more on individual student needs and interests (Machen, Notar & Wilson, 2005). All of these elements are vital toward promoting student success in the classroom and after graduation, where hopefully *****s will become contributing members of *****. Th***** study will help determine what methods if any teachers can adopt to encourage parental involvement and help determine the level of ***** necessary to facilitate student success.


In recent years much focus has been directed ***** parental involvement in education. Studies suggest that parental ***** in education may better facilitate student achievement (Machen, Notar & Wilson, 2005). Parental involvement an collaboration may also help streng*****n the community and align teaching styles with student interests. Thus it is v*****al that *****s begin exploring ***** relationship between ***** involvement, curriculum and policy development and student achievement in the classroom. By paying closer attention to the ***** of families students are ***** likely to graduate as contributing members of society.

Bravmann, *****, Joseph, Mikel & ***** (2000) point out that it is vital for students, *****, administrators ***** ***** to work together to design a ***** that involves a body ***** skills ***** will prep***** students for pr*****ctice in the ********** and read*****ess for employment (p. 33). Further the researchers cite ***** (1997) who claims that ***** development of "***** talent is the most desirable trait of a good education" and that curriculums should be designed in a manner that ********** young people's development ***** proficiencies for the workplace and community at ***** (p. 427). Students need ***** understand the way the world operates and their role in society (Bravmann, et. al. *****).

In recent years a call for more parental participation in schooling ***** acknowledge the importance of collaboration b*****ween family ***** school, acknowledging ***** importance of "continuity of educational roles, ********** and experiences between family and school, as well as on schools and teachers' expectations regarding learning preconditions developed in the home" (Carvalho, 2001: 9). It is ***** that ***** rationale and implications of family and school interactions be examined to ***** determine how family school "partnerships" may ********** students, teachers and families alike (*****, 2001: *****). While traditionally educators have acknowledged the need ***** ***** involvement and collaboration, little has been done to strengthen ***** ***** and promote


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