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Parental Participation and Involvement

Statement of Thesis: "Parental involvement" is considered "key" to successfully providing a quality educational future for one's child. Parents play an important role in a *****'s education. Th***** paper intends to reveal through research, exactly why it is so imperative that a parent become and stay involved in the ***** process.

***** benefits to be found in the educational system that has active and participant parents and ***** corresponding research results over the last decade make it clear that "parental involvement" ***** a necessary and vital activity in the provision of optimum educational fac*****rs for students.

This ***** activity should be made a top-priority by parents from the first day of kindergarten and throughout the entirety of the years that will be spent in education of the student prepar*****g them for the world beyond school.

***** paper will explore ***** validity ***** this statement and will conclude that "***** involvement" has never been as important ***** it is in th***** knowledge, information and technology age.


Parental *****" or "parental participation" can be defined by many terms due to *****e fact that there are so many various avenues through which a p*****nt ***** ***** active and maintain a ***** role in the *****'s education.

The *****al system within ***** global society as well as the "No Child Left Behind Ac"t (NCLBA) h***** determined a protocol ***** is inclusive of *****, te*****chers, schools, city councils, communities and others in civic organizations work ***** conjunction to enhance the quality ***** effectiveness of education.

*****. Parental *****

Parental involvement may simply be providing assistance with homework, listening ***** a student's recit*****tions, and assistance for any type issue arising in the course of a school ye*****r.

Parental ********** in the form of volunteering in ***** library or lunchroom, participation ***** seasonal events taking place at the school, attending parents-teacher consultations, reading a book to ***** cl*****ss or assisting in early computer learning skills, all ***** these are just a few of the m***** ways a parent can become actively involved in the education of children.

II. Effects ***** ***** of Parents on the Child.

There is no doubt when looking at ***** results in relation ***** education that "*****al involvement in" a child's learning and education provides benefits to the student that manifest as results of better achievement.

Greater ***** has been noted among children whose parents are actively ***** in ********** child's education and that the earlier the parental interaction begins the more noted ***** the positive result.

***** positive view, on part ***** the parent, ***** result in ***** child hav*****g a positive attitude toward the school.

***** more positive a parent's view of participation in the child's education, the more likely a child will have a balanced and positive self-conception. The level of parental involvement is much higher in ***** preschool years and in the elementary (1st - 5th) grades ***** ***** middle or high school years.

According to a report, student achievement improves when parents are


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