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Action Research Outline


Chapter I: Introduction

***** Statement


Description of Community

Description ***** Work Settings

Chapter II: Introduction

Problem Description

Problem Documentation

Literature Review

Causative Analysis

Chapter III: Outcomes and Evaluation

***** and Expectations

Expected Outcomes

Measurement of *****

***** ***** Results

Chapter IV: Solution Strategy

Statement of Problem


***** of Selected Solutions




Improving the success rate ***** students with uninvolved parents in their education is important. This research is designed to improve the success rate of ********** involvement in ***** children's early childhood education. The researcher found that 50 of ***** 100 students in the preschool whose parents do not communicate school and ***** not support children's education at home. *****se children are identified as slow learners ***** not getting ready for ***** next step of their educ*****ion. Analysis of the data and a review of student portfolios and progress reports indicate ***** of ***** 100 ***** are receiving failing grades in one or more of the academic are***** and not prepared for ***** next grade. Teachers' grade rosters indicate that these ********** do ***** turn in homework assignments regularly and they are not learning basic reading, math ***** other skills. The researcher ***** that the community is experiencing a rapid growth of illegal immigrants, minimum wage learners and jobless parents, 65% of the population is African America and 35% of the population is Hispanic. 25 percent ***** is illegal *****. 50% of this population works for minimum ***** and some of them work two jobs ***** support ***** families. 50% of the parents are single parents. 40 ***** ***** are limited English speaking. The writer recommended multi-faced solution st*****gies to improve this *****'s involvement in their ***** education. *****er believes *****, family involvement is an important aspect of the learning process. Many families ***** not aware of how important ***** involvement ***** to their child's academic learning. ***** purpose of this family involvement plan is to educate parents and families how to get involved and be an effective supporter ***** the education process. The researcher *****lieves that, providing ***** with the knowledge needed, will enable ***** to become parents that are ***** effective and create strong lines of communication between home ***** school. The researcher also suggests school to re*****m the communication method and trained teachers and staffs to become an active part of the family involvement *****. The researcher believes schools and educational pr*****essionals must provide information and resources for parents and ***** to help ***** children at home. Teachers have a variety of suggestions and resources ***** can be shared ***** ***** in order to help support a child's newly *****cquired ***** ***** and learning. The plan described in this paper provides families with research based information to allow parents ***** make ***** choices for their ***** to help them practice literacy skills ***** provide opportunities for ***** ***** be involved ***** ***** child's learning. Research supports the fact that children who ***** parents


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