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Action Research Outline


Chapter I: Introduction

Problem Statement


Description of Community

Description of Work Settings

Chapter II: Introduction

Problem Description

Problem Documentation

Literature Review

Causative Analysis

Chapter III: Outcomes and Evaluation

Goals and Expectations

Expected Outcomes

Measurement of *****

***** of Results

Chapter IV: Solution Strategy

Statement of Problem


Description ***** Selected Solutions




***** the success rate of students with uninvolved parents in their education is important. Th***** research is designed to improve the ***** rate ***** ********** involvement in ***** children's early childhood education. ********** researcher found that 50 of the 100 students in the preschool whose parents do not communicate school and do not support children's education at home. These children are identified as slow learners ***** not getting ready for the next step of their educ*****ion. Analys***** of the data and a review of student portfolios and progress reports indicate 50 of ***** 100 ***** ***** receiving failing grades in one or more of the academic areas and ***** prepared for ***** next grade. Teachers' grade rosters indicate that these ********** do not turn in homework assignments regularly and they are ***** learn*****g basic reading, math ***** other skills. The researcher found ***** the community is experiencing a rapid growth of illegal immigrants, minimum wage ***** and jobless parents, 65% ***** the population is African America ***** 35% of the ***** is Hispanic. 25 percent population is illegal *****. 50% of th***** population works for minimum ***** and some of them work two jobs ***** support ***** families. 50% of the parents are single p*****nts. 40 percent parents are limited English speaking. The writer recommended multi-faced solution st*****gies to improve this population's involvement in *****ir children's education. Researcher believes that, family involvement is an important aspect of the learning process. Many families ***** not aware ***** how ***** their involvement ***** to their child's academic *****. ***** purpose of ***** family involvement plan is to educate parents and families how ***** get involved and be an effective supporter ***** the education process. The ***** believes that, providing parents ***** the knowledge needed, will enable them to become parents that are ***** ***** and create strong lines of communication between home ***** school. ***** researcher also suggests school to reform the communication method and trained teachers ***** staffs to become an active part of the family involvement plan. The researcher ***** *****s and educational professionals must provide information and resources for parents and families to help their children at home. Teachers have a variety of suggestions and ***** that can be shared with parents in order to ***** support a child's newly *****cquired academic ***** and learning. The plan described in this paper provides families with research based information to allow parents to make ***** choices for their children to help ***** practice literacy skills ***** provide opportunities for parents ***** be ***** ***** their child's learning. Research supports the fact that children who have *****


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