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Peer Tutoring for Children with Special Needs


***** education for children with disabilities is not new in the area of learning and teaching. It is normal these days that ***** with disabilities, either physical or intellectual, receive education as n*****mal children do. Though of course, the process of ***** applied to them are also special and ***** tailored for their learning capacities.

There are different teaching strategies used in teach*****g children ***** disabilities or ***** needs. Some of which are the following.

One-on-one teaching and ***** ***** in ***** a teacher exclusively teaches a child with special needs

Group learning in which ***** with special needs are *****med ***** groups based on ********** level of learning abilities.

Self-advocacy in which ********** is being taught ***** promoted to *****ren with ***** needs to train them how to live a normal life without ***** considered special as how they are.

***** in which children with special ***** are ********** by their non-disabled peers to learn. Other individuals, such as friends and families, that provide assistance to a speci*****l child's needs in his learning process is an aspect of peer-tutoring.

Researches and studies find ***** teaching and ***** ***** efficient for children ***** special needs and *****. The effects of which, when measured from quantitative studies, show good results and improvements in the learn*****g ***** ***** the *****. In view of th*****, *****is paper will try to explore deeper information on the effect of one ***** the mentioned teaching and learning strategies for children with special needs. This ***** will discuss the follow topics related to peer tutoring for ***** with ***** needs.

********** on peer tutoring for children with special needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the teaching process.

Effects of peer tutoring to the learning process of children with special *****.

Significance ***** this research

Future recommendations

Peer Tutoring: An Overview

Peer tutoring is a process of learning in which ***** ***** children ***** special needs participate in the teaching process. That is, teaching instructions ***** were selected by *****s are implemented ***** taught ***** non-disabled **********. The objective of ***** is to facilitate the learning process of students with disabilities. One simple *****ory is that the d*****abled learners who ***** ***** relationship with ***** peer-tu*****rs can easily communicate with them, and therefore ***** create the possibility of learning more quickly than when under a teacher-led ***** environment.

***** are quite a number of techniques that can be used in peer-tutoring. Such includes peer modeling, same-age tutoring, cross-age tutoring, class-wide peer *****, ***** assessment, peer counseling, and many others. However, in general view, all of these ***** aim to assist a child with dis*****bility to learn knowledge ***** skills that a normal child can learn.

Several researches and ***** show that *****-tu*****r*****g is among the effective strategies ***** allow *****ren with d*****abilities to effectively learn. From ********** study Peer-mediated Intervention Studies on Academic Achievement for Students with EBD (Emotional and Behavior Disturbance), Joseph Ryan and his colleagues indicates that The effectiveness


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