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Personal Mission Statement

My mission is life reflects my core values as an individual. I strive to achieve success at every step, and seek to improve myself constantly. I want to be a force for good in this world in wh*****ever way I can. To me, ***** ********** not only my personal and professional actions in relation to my circumstances, but it also involves creating circumstances that will allow me ***** contribute. This proactive approach ***** my comm*****ment to the world. I want to leave this world in *****tter condition than ***** found it.

This mission is reflected ***** both my ***** and personal objectives. I believe that my role professionally is to help my employer to ***** *****s strategic goals. To me, ***** means always making a positive contribution. I have a strong skill set in terms of my education and my work ethic. I ***** bring my best to ***** every single day. Employment to me is a contr*****ct, ***** I will hold up my end. Ultimately, I hope to be able ***** strike out on my own. Running my ***** business is a l*****g-term objective for me. It ********** some of my strongest pr*****essional needs. I want to be ***** to create something ***** ***** provide a true legacy for my family and leave me with a profession*****l career in which I can take great pride.

*****, I ********** that life is not strictly about work. Indeed, I feel that ***** greatest contributions ***** this world ***** be on a more ***** level. I want to raise a family. I will give my children ***** tools they need to be leaders in ***** world. I ***** instill discipline, values, work ethic and a sense of w*****der. One ***** my greatest l*****ting legacies will be ***** leave a f*****mily full of wonderful, hardworking people. This will multiply ***** contribution to the world many times over.

A also wish to make strong contributions to my community. ***** believe one of the most lasting ways we can impact our world is to make a difference loc*****lly. I wish ***** increase my involvement in charities and community organizing. There are many worthwhile projects so I know I ***** find ***** or two that match my skill set. ***** hope to ***** only do good w*****ks, but to inspire those around me to do good works as well. It is important to not only achieve, but to compel others to achieve. As with my family, I hope ***** ***** am able to ***** a ***** imp*****ct on the *****, not only through my own deeds ***** through ***** deeds of those people that I train, inspire or simply co***** into contact with.

***** of my ***** strengths is my ability to motivate others. I ***** th***** through my own enthusiasm for projects that ***** hold dear. I want to use that strength to motivate others. In order to leave this world in better ***** that I found it, I will need to


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