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Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

There is a specific definition about personal management in a class. A class is a complex environment; nobody has an equal competence. In a classroom, everything could happen and everyone may come with a surprise, since there are people with unique *****ities we have in the neighborhood. If we find a homogeneous community it is lucky - if it doesn't bore us in other situations. The worst thing ***** either ***** should laugh with the hilarious jokes all over the lesson or spoon*****feed the quiet mouths in the other room after that. But even the most heterogeneous ***** is not a hell ei*****r. There are people with unlimited enthusiasm, boundless fear, dangerous pride, and the normal level of "**********" beneath h***** or ********** aptitude, and there is a need to create a ***** condition that accommodates them all ***** gives them supporting environment to achieve the goals.

***** all reasons, students should be able to learn in a harmony, adaptable with the available facilities to suit th***** ***** and each ********** proficiency, ***** *****come ********** interpersonal and private conflicts ***** ***** arise. Teacher is the class facilita*****r, which will help them to find their ********** performance and achievement in intellectual thinking ***** psychological maturity. That means, teacher is the person who should bridge ***** gaps and ***** ways to keep the class in ***** supportive ***** of ***** as stated above. Cl*****sroom management is a skill.

***** start an effective classroom, it is necessary ***** have a ***** environment. Gordon (1974) st*****tes the importance "to simplify the learn*****g ***** and giving a systematic condition ***** avoid mess and "duplication ***** effort." Ideally a school needs separate rooms specially designed for special activities like music, sports, reading, discussion and so on. The requirement of "simplifying" above is al***** achievable by giving certain tasks to particular people, applying procedures in facilities use, checklist for task accomplishment, flowchart for complicated tasks ***** labora*****ry disassembling and so on.

Gordon al***** states that there should be a discussion about how they could manage the time well, as both teacher and ***** have concentration to maintain and one distraction leads to another. There ***** a lot of environment stimuli like *****ter, shouting, running, sound ***** banging doors, ***** other things for the brain to sort and reaching the peak when it's time. All participants need to realize this and need to consider how every person needs enough individual time ***** solve the problem ***** think clearly.

After all what is ********** discussed here is that the school and classroom are the second home ***** ***** students. For example, high school ***** are on their highest level of enthusiasm and energy, ***** in c*****ing after their taste for science and curiosity of what's happening in the world as ***** as in search for identity and ***** ***** the future. A lot of ***** are exposed to unsupportive environment ***** gives *****m a dr*****wback in ability and *****, so that *************** if they


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