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Pews Commission Report

This paper presents an examination of the Pews ***** Report of ***** Taskforce on Health Care Workforce Regulation. The writer explores the report and its recommendations and then discusses four states ***** their progress with regard to the recommendations.


It has been a decade since the Pews Commission issued its ***** on the Taskforce on Health Care ***** regulation and in that ***** the American public has begun to demand ***** changes be made to ***** way the health care system in this country is operated. Currently there are millions of workers who are not provided with or offered health care benefits while the price of ***** care continues to rise.

***** of ***** most controversial issues in the field of health***** is the financing structures and the market forces. Managed care has become much more common than it has ***** in ***** past and with this system comes managed f*****ancing and structures.

*****se transformations also are bringing increased emphases on primary care, prevention and population-based practice, interdisciplinary teamwork, and clinical effectiveness research. These changes have highlighted the roles that America's 10.5 million ***** care practitioners play in ***** cost, quality, ***** accessibility of health care. Consequently, ***** education, training and distribution have received increased attention. Likewise, the current health care workforce regulatory ***** is under scrutiny(Taskforce, 1995)."

The report indicated ***** what has worked in ***** past was currently out of step and behind the times in the ***** ***** health care needs and health care expectations.

The ***** has been up ***** arms for many years about the rising cost of health care, the quality of ***** care delivery and ***** treatment of those who do not have health care coverage.

The trade commission had previously reported that while occupational licensing dem*****s protect the safety of ***** public consumer, the costs ***** ***** licenses and insurance drive ***** cost of health ***** up and ***** the cost is being passed on to ***** consumer(Taskforce, *****).

The report ***** 10 ***** that were designed to help improve the health care dilemma being faced by American consumers.

***** recommendations ***** ***** followed in part, but not in full as ***** try to work their way through the health care crisis.

Individual State Reform

***** ***** the things that the report acknowledges is ***** the health care reform acts have been divided in***** fifty individual state processes and efforts. This has created a problem with patchwork organization and ***** lack of uniform regulation and rules with regard to health ***** cost and delivery.

The ***** analyzed and examined areas ***** ***** care that it felt ***** most pressing for the nation at the time. As ***** report was concluded the Task*****ce made ten recommendations that it believed would help alleviate the current *****.

The ***** included an acronym for what it was trying to accomplish. S.A.F.E. st*****s for Standardized where appropriate;

Accountable to ***** *****;

Flexible ***** support optimal access to a safe and compe*****t health care


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