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Pews Commission Report

***** paper presents an examination of the Pews Commission Report of the Taskforce on Health Care Workforce Regulation. The writer explores the report and its recommendations and then discusses four states and their progress with regard to the recommendations.


It has been a decade since the Pews Commission issued its ***** on the ***** on Health Care Workforce regulation and in that decade the American public has begun to demand ***** changes be made to ***** way the health care system in this country is operated. Currently there are millions ***** workers who are not provided ***** or offered health c***** benefits while the price of ***** care cont*****ues to rise.

One of the most controversial issues in the field of healthcare is the f*****ancing structures and the market forces. Managed care has become much more common than it has ***** in ***** past and with this system comes managed financing and structures.

These transformations also are bringing increased emphases on primary care, prevention ***** population-based practice, interdisciplinary teamwork, and clinical effectiveness research. These changes have highlighted the roles that America's 10.5 million health care practitioners play in the cost, quality, and accessibility of ***** care. Consequently, ***** education, training ***** distribution have received increased attention. Likewise, the current health care workforce regulatory ***** is under scrutiny(Taskforce, 1995)."

The report indicated that what has worked in ***** past was currently out of step and beh*****d the times in the ***** of health care needs and ***** care expectations.

The public has been up ***** arms for many years about the rising cost of health care, the quality of ***** care delivery and ***** treatment ***** those who do not have health care coverage.

***** trade commission had previously reported that while occupational licensing *****s protect the safety of the public consumer, the *****s ***** those licenses ***** insurance drive ***** cost of health ***** up and that the cost is being passed on to the consumer(Taskforce, *****).

***** report provided 10 ***** that were designed ***** help improve the health care dilemma being faced by American consumers.

The recommendations ***** been followed in part, but not in full as states try to work their way through the health care cr*****is.

Individual State Reform

One ***** the things that ***** report acknowledges is ***** the health care reform acts have been divided in***** fifty ********** state processes ***** efforts. This has created a problem with p*****tchwork organization and the lack of uniform regulation and rules with regard to health ***** cost and delivery.

The report analyzed and examined areas of ***** care that it felt were most pressing for the nation at the time. As the report was concluded the Task*****ce ***** ten recommendations that it believed would help alleviate the current crisis.

The ***** included an acronym for what it was trying to accomplish. S.A.F.E. st*****s for St*****dardized where appropriate;

Accountable to the *****;

Flexible to support optimal access to a safe and compe*****t health care


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