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Pfizer SWOT

Pfizer—a SWOT Analysis


Pfizer is one of the world's leading research pharmaceutical companies and also one ***** the world's most profitable companies. It has a well-respected name known all over the world and commands some of the top *****, advert*****ing, financial, and marketing talent. It produces two of ***** most well-known name-brand drugs, Viagra and Lipitor in America today. Even the American Heart Association recommends the use of drugs such as Lipitor to reduce cholesterol when diet and exercise fail ***** reduce this common health problem. High ***** as a common ***** problem is only likely to incre*****e with the rapidly aging population—and the rise in obesity levels (Berenson, 2007).


Unfortunately, "while the company remains highly *****, its ***** health is increasingly tied to Lipi*****r" which is dangerous for the company in the future as Lipitor's patent will expire ***** several years, ***** means it will face competition from cheaper, generic ***** (*****, 2007). Pfizer's reputation has ***** been tainted by its association with Celebrex, a p*****in medication that has been tied to increased risk of heart **********, in comparison to over-the-counter painkillers. The prominence of the Pfizer advertising campaign for ***** drug, followed by ***** rapid fall from grace undoubtedly damaged the company's trusted name.

***** also manufactures Zol*****t, an antidepressant that was widely criticized for its over-prescription to teenager, and possibly causing increased suicidal thoughts in this population. ***** company website now states that the drug is not advised for people under the age of 17. Antidepressants ***** 'lifestyle' *****s like Viagra have come ***** increased media scrutiny and used as examples of the over-prescription of medication in ***** American healthcare system in general. Healthcare in America is growing more and more expensive, and insurance companies are being pressured ***** cut costs, including scaling back how much they pay ***** drugs.

Now, Exubera, "the first ***** so far ***** commercially available inhaled-insulin diabetes treatment," ***** on ***** verge ***** turning into an "expensive failure" as Pfizer "has been dogged by questi*****s about ***** safety, cost ********** convenience" (Berenson, 2007).


According to the Pfizer press release section of its website, discomfort associated ***** fibromyaglia, a ***** chronic pain condition, has been shown ***** be significantly reduced by a new drug developed by Pfizer called Lyrica, "according to study results presented ***** at the American Academy ***** Neurology annual meeting" ("Lyrica Significantly Reduced Pain," 2007, Press Release). Pfizer has also developed a new AIDS drug ***** Maraviroc, which is likely to considerably improve and extend the life of AIDS p*****ients who take the drug, according ***** researchers at the University of Pittsburg and Columbia University (Altman & Pollock, *****).


***** Merck ***** Schering-Plough, two ***** Pfizer's greatest rivals, plan to combine forces and develop a medicine ***** rival Lipitor. "The planned drug, meant to reduce levels of the harmful type of cholesterol in two ways, could hit ***** market when Lipitor's patent expires in a few years" ("Merck and Schering-Plough Plan A*****her Cholesterol Drug,"


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