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Plumpy Nut

The Plumpy *****: The Next Generation Solution to World Hunger

Introduction/Background ***** Problem

Hunger and malnourishment is a const*****nt problem plaguing underdeveloped countries and war torn countries throughout the world. Malnutrition is a common problem resulting when inadequate dietary intake ***** chronic and disease is rampant (Odland, 1998). While not as prevalent in developed countries, poverty-stricken or war torn countries generally accept some level of malnutrition as a fact of life. Malnutrition results in various harmful side effects *****cluding increased infant and maternal mortality rates. There are multiple categories ***** malnutrition to consider. Protein malnutrition and deficiencies in various micronutrients also qualify as malnutrition (Odl*****, 1998). Micronutrient deficiencies are especially problematic for women who are pregnant and young children throughout the world (Odland, 1998). Most of the vitamins and minerals that people need are gathered from adequate ***** ***** the diet; yet ***** World Health Organization estimates "that 51 percent of the children in developing countries ***** anemic," suggesting ***** micronutrient ***** are quite rampant (Odland, *****:96).

Improving ***** Nutritional Health of Children

There are many fac*****rs that interplay to affect the "nutritional health of children" including a mo*****r's "soci*****l or economic status, access ***** food, availability of safe water and good sanitation" (Odland, 1998: 96). Good nutrition is often considered "a basic human right" hence the World Health ***** and several other agencies have consistently worked to uncover new methods of providing ***** and women in particular with "adequate, nutritious ***** and safe drinking *****" practices which ultimately will help combat child and maternal *****, disease and malnutrition (Odland, 1998: 96). A ***** product is making headlines in the fight against malnutrition and world hunger. This product, referred to as the "Plumpy nut" may help resolve many ***** the current obstacles health organizations are facing to providing adequate nourishment and support ***** children in war torn, disease ridden or poverty stricken countries.

***** Plumpy Nut: A Solution to Hunger new ***** called the Plumpy Nut may provide hope for undernourished *****, particularly those in ***** countries. As Wines (2005) notes in his article, "Fortified Food Paste Combats Starvation" Doctors are now us*****g a nutritional supplement derived from peanut butter to save lives in underdeveloped countries. The Plumpy nut ***** "is sav*****g lives" in countries ********** Niger experiencing recent ***** crisis (Wines, *****). The product, which comes in a silvery foil package ***** size of two grasp*****g baby hands" contains a ********** 500 calories (*****, 2005). ***** *****tified peanut ***** is "stuffed with milk, vitamins and *****" (Wines, 2005). Parents are instructed to provide infants with ***** packets of the product each day ***** allow their baby to grow. Thus far malnourished children are realizing significant results, gaining as much as two pounds in a s*****gle week on the product (*****, 2005).

Traditionally malnutrition treatment involved hospitalizing children and nourishing them with IV infusions of fortified *****, then sending ***** home for further recovery. Use of milk however is expensive at best and milk tends ***** spoil. Another


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