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This essay will explore a central theme in three of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories. This theme is "burial and redemption." Indeed, the *****me of ***** occurs in several of Poe's short stories. While expanding on this central theme, reference ***** also be made to ***** other stories of Poe, which also reflect this *****. The stories that will be explored are: The Black Cat, ***** Tell-Tale Heart, and The Cask of Amontillado. In each of the stories, either the protagonist of a prim*****ry character kills and buries or buries alive a family member of someone related. The haunting that results from the buriers guilt eventually results in retribution against ***** killer in two of the stories, The ***** Heart and The Black Cat. One is left to wonder what motivated this burial ***** the The Cask ***** Amontillado. In The Fall of the House ***** Usher (not discussed in this essay, but from the same book where the three short ***** are taken), this essayist believes that the burial is a metaphor for ***** wiping out the remnants of the Usher ***** along with their castle.

Popular horror/fantasy writers such as Clive Barker ***** Stephen King ***** of the opinion that the inspiration for fear-inducing tales, novellas and novels comes from tapping into the human fear of ***** unknown. Indeed, ***** most of us, a walk through a street in the pitch dark of night where shadows seem to be jump*****g at us ***** much different than ********** through the same street in broad day light. Also, any one who's experienced a visit to ***** cave and the tour guide switching *****f ***** *****s to give visitors a sense of re*****l darkness will realize that it is not just the ***** ***** complete sensory deprivation coupled ***** a feeling ***** floating.

***** instances of burial in the three short stories have to be considered ***** the context ***** how the impending doom seeps into a person's consciousness as he or she realizes what is about to befall him or her. Once the burial process is complete, *****re is no light. There is also the knowledge that ***** air supply will only l*****t ***** long. The suffocation ***** one feels when deprived of oxygen does ***** come from deprivation of oxygen but from the increases in levels of carbon dioxide. If one were able ***** scrub away the carbon dioxide as ***** ***** being exhaled by the brea*****r, then there would be no sense of ***** ***** lack ***** oxygen, just an eroding ***** of facu*****ies. And the problems before death are exacerbated if the person being buried is claustrophobic: ***** agony is significantly enhanced.

In writing this essay, use was made of the ***** containing these short ***** with illustrations by Michael McCurdy (Poe and McCurdy 2005). Interestingly e*****ugh, of all the short stories that ***** wrote, this collection contains six stories, three of which will be discussed here. The ***** two *****, which bear mention (in the


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