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This essay will explore a centr*****l theme in three of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories. This ***** is "burial and redemption." Indeed, the *****me of burial occurs in several ***** ***** short *****. While expanding on this central theme, reference will also be made to ***** other s*****ries of Poe, which also reflect ***** theme. The stories that will be explored are: The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Cask ***** Amontillado. In each of the *****, ei*****r the protagonist of a primary character kills and buries or buries alive a family member of someone related. The haunting that results from the buriers guilt eventually ***** in retribution against the killer in two ***** ***** st*****ies, The ***** Heart and The Black *****. One is left to wonder what motivated this burial in the The ***** of Amontillado. In The Fall of ***** House of Usher (not discussed in this essay, but from the same book where ***** three short stories are taken), ***** essayist believes that the ***** is a metaphor for ***** wiping out the remnants of the ***** ***** along with th***** castle.

Popular horror/fantasy writers such as Clive Barker ***** Stephen King are of ***** opinion that the inspiration for fear-inducing tales, novellas and novels comes from tapping into the human fear ***** the unknown. Indeed, ***** most of us, a walk through a street in the pitch dark of night where shadows seem to be jumping at us is much different than walking through the same street in broad day light. Also, any one who's experienced a v*****it to ***** cave and ***** *****ur guide switching off the ********** to give visitors a sense of re*****l darkness will realize that it is not just the darkness ***** complete sensory deprivation coupled ***** a feeling ***** floating.

The instances of burial in ***** three short stories have to be considered in the context ***** how ***** impending doom seeps in***** a person's consciousness as he or she ********** what is ab***** to befall him ***** her. Once the burial process ***** complete, t*****e is no light. There is also the knowledge that the air supply will only last this long. The suffocation that one feels when deprived of oxygen does not come from deprivation ***** oxygen but from the *****creases in levels of carbon dioxide. If ***** were able to scrub away the carbon dioxide as it is being exhaled by the brea*****r, then there would be no sense of suffocation from lack ***** *****, just an eroding away of faculties. And the problems before death are exacerbated if the person being buried is claustrophobic: the agony is significantly enhanced.

In writing th***** essay, use was made ***** ***** book containing these short stories with illustrations by Michael McCurdy (Poe and McCurdy 2005). Interestingly enough, of all the short stories that Poe wrote, this collection contains six stories, ***** of ***** ***** be discussed here. The other two stories, which bear mention (in the


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