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The poems "A Beautiful Girl Combs Her Hair" by Li Ho and "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath discusses the *****me of beauty uses the object mirror as a symbol to illustrate and effectively use the theme of beauty. In ***** Ho's poem, he tells us ***** the extraordinary beauty of a woman whom me witnesses combing her hair using a 'jade comb,' and makes use of the ***** mirror ***** an accessory that the girl ***** in her '***** ritual.***** "Mirror," me*****while, is a thought-provok*****g poem that tackles the issue of beauty ***** vanity as dictated by ***** society. Plath ********** imagery and the object mirror to *****ize the important of beauty to an individual, ***** how ***** mirror 'mirrors' the desperation ***** an ***** who aims to achieve beauty (in frustration and great desperation).

The similarity between ***** two ***** is that both use imagery ***** the theme of beauty. Imagery was *****d ***** 'A *****' to ***** the girl' beauty (a "lotus blossom" and "a wild goose on the sand"). Beauty is also an essential ***** here because it mainly describes ***** girl's r*****ual of combing her beautiful hair, which, to the poet's opinion, adds p ***** the beautiful face the girl obviously possesses. However, Li ***** poem differs with the of Plath's because Plath uses ***** theme of beauty to discuss both beauty and ugliness in an individual. While Li Ho focuses on rich, ***** imagery, Plath concentrated on ***** that is effective through sarcasm ***** descriptive details about an individual's frustration over beauty and youth (which ********** is almost always associated with beauty). This is illustrated when Plath ends ***** poem ***** saying that the voice's constant trips ***** the mirror has "In me drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman," which illustrates ***** the subject's constant desperation and conquest for beauty only further worsen her agitation about *****self. Thus, ***** in ***** Ho's poem ***** purely and richly delivered ***** imagery, while ***** "*****" uses the 'ugly' side of too much preoccupation with beauty, as revealed by the


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