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Sample Outline And Thesis Statement With Poem Evaluation

Introduction—impact of Robert Frost as a poet and this poem on literature and culture

***** *****: Through the use of imagery and symbolism, Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" serves ***** an allegory of every young pers*****'s choices at the beginning of adulthood

Explanation of Frost's *****

Examples of imagery, and the importance ***** nature

Imagery connotations

Connection between nature imagery's implications ***** a the proposed *****

Textual evidence of this connection

***** of Frost's Symbolism

Explanation of how Frost's ***** works with his imagery

Examples of Frost's symbolism

Explanation ***** what Frost's symbolism stands for Frost's symbols as building blocks of ***** larger allecory

Conclusion: ***** ***** and symbolism working together to create an allegory of ***** young person's choice at the beginning of adulthood

Poem Analysis

In Robert Frost's poem, The ***** Not Taken, ***** author uses a combination ***** imagery ***** sound to create verses that both glorify nature and explain the nature of humankind's indecision. At the beginning ***** the poem, ***** narrator is in a contemplative mood, faced with the decision of which oath to take. Frost uses nature *****, not*****g the "yellow" wood ***** ***** "grassy" path to allow further ***** contemplation for the reader as both paths were "just as fair" (Frost 1, 6, 8). But by the end ***** the poem, the ***** has made a decision to choose a specific path in this beautiful *****, "the one less traveled by" (***** 19), and has had a significant change in mood. He is now content and grateful for his *****, remarking, "and that has made all ***** difference" (Frost 20). The body of the *****, therefore, allows *****s insight into the narrators mind as he or she makes this decision, as he or ***** realizes ***** ***** moment will never again return. Readers are ***** to feel that they are actually with the narrator ***** he or she makes his decision by ***** rhyme scheme ***** the poem, which is abaab f***** most lines, and periodic assonance, ***** techniques that quickly carry ***** reader from verse to verse. Finally, at the end of the poem, ***** the reader and the narra*****r underst***** the symbolism in the *****, that the fork in the road is a symbol for ***** major life decision and the road less traveled by is the ***** popular and ***** orig*****al *****, ***** one that ***** make "all the difference" in each person's live (***** 20). Thus, Frost ***** nature symbolism and imagery to introduce an *****egory ***** a major decision in a person's life *****d the complexities of mak*****g that decision, while recommending that one take "the road less traveled *****" (Frost


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