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Police Codes of Ethics


Virtually all police departments have some kind of formal "Code of *****," or guidelines that tell the members ***** ***** ***** f*****ce what is and is not acceptable behavior. The people these officers are sworn to serve and protect expect ethical ***** from those officers, and in fact there are times when public or ********** safety depends on the officers' determination to act in ***** and honest ways. Meanwhile, we hear horrific stories about police force abuse, including cases where ***** officers have been caught selling drugs to the incident in New York some years ago where a suspect ***** custody was terribly abused while in custody.

Of course, the great majority of police officers go to work every day and are routinely prepared ***** put their lives on the line for others, conduct ***** professional with dignity and good judgment, ***** never once commit an offense that would place their name on a list of officers who had violated the *****'s faith, or any laws. Never*****less, the police in any community ***** tremendous power, and it's important that the ***** to whom the public entrust their safety act in honorable and ethical ways.

Because of the Internet, it is possible for concerned c*****izens and anyone else to view ***** ***** of Ethics for many police departments across the country. This paper will compare and contrast the Code of Conduct for Washington, D. C. ***** two o*****r cities -- *****enver and Detroit. It will compare Washington, D. C. and the other two cities because of a remarkable coincidence: ********** and Detro***** Codes of Conduct are nearly identical, w*****d ***** word.

***** D. C.'s Code of Conduct was written by Interim Chief of Police Sonya T. Proctor after a period of turmoil in ***** police department. It reads,

The power of the police to fulfill ***** functions is dependent upon securing and maintaining community respect and approval, which includes obtaining ***** *****'s willingness to cooperate in the task of ensur*****g safety. The extent to which the community will cooperate with ***** Metropolitan ***** Department ***** dependent ***** its respect for, ***** confidence in, the police. ***** extent ***** which ***** community's respect and trust can be secured is diminished when a mem*****r of the department acts in an unprofessional, improper, dis*****, or unlawful manner.

In any effort to strengthen the citizen-police officer relationship, ***** personal conduct and attitude of the police officer is of paramount importance. Each member of the force must understand that ***** basis of the police service is a desire ********** a willingness to ***** the community. In order to earn the respect and ***** of the community, all ***** and civilian employees of ***** Metropolitan Police ***** ***** subscribe to the following:

Members sh***** regard their office as a public trust and, in the discharge of ***** duties, be constantly mindful ***** their primary obligation ***** serve the community honestly, efficiently, and effectively.

Members *****all administer ***** law in a just, impartial,


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