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There is a wide variety of weapons which are now available for self defense as well as for the use of police when tackling dangerous perpetrators. While some ***** used particularly to inflict lethal harm to the attacker o*****rs aim at only detracting the perpetrator from causing any harm to the victim. The use ***** non lethal weapons by ***** police h***** been a subject for debate for some time now because it has become obvious that technology enables the law enforcement forces to use in their missions different means that are not lethal for the human life.

The main points of discussion referring to the use of non lethal weapons by the police can be seen in ***** actual discussion over police legitimacy. More precisely, it is considered that *****adays no individual or state entity has the right to apply *****ce by all means. In this sense, one ***** consider the actual *****ion of ***** legitimacy in order to see the way in which the community can be split ***** discussing the matter ***** non lethal means of enforcing ***** law. In the end, the matter is reduced to the ***** ***** the police to inflict lethal *****. Therefore, from a theoretical point of view, police ***** can ***** understood as "public recognition ***** the policymaker's authority" as well ***** the result of an "agreement" (Mondak, 1994, 677). ***** precisely, "legitimacy exists when the citizen approves of a policy's substance" that is when the community ***** identify with the core nature of the law enforcement practice (*****, 1994, 677).

Given the fact that there are more and ***** cases of abuses being revealed at the level of the ***** work, ***** ***** on whether the police ***** legitimate to use lethal force against people, regardless of their offence, is thus fueled. Cases of police abuse stirred the controversy over the excessive use of fire arms in ***** activities. In this sense, one of ***** cases ***** drew the attention of the media as well as the public was the Da Silva case ***** which Kurt Da Silva ***** killed "***** a Pawtucket, Rhode Island police officer after a low-speed c*****r chase. DeSilva, who was unarmed, was suspected of driving a stolen c*****r" (America Civil Liberties Union, 1997). This comes to prove the fact that indeed action must be taken in ***** ***** prevent abuses from the police, no ***** the difficult circumstances ***** law en*****ment authorities are faced *****.

***** aspect ***** is relevant for the debate is the doctrine of the proportionality of punishment. More *****, "an agent who is guilty ***** (and responsible for" murder must ***** punished by death" (Corlett, 2001, 51). Despite ***** fact ***** the example offered by Corlett ***** cited from Kant is radical, in general terms it can be said that one of ***** basic principles of the ***** is represented by the proportionality ***** ***** punishment ***** is the ***** ***** ***** proportional to the wrong


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