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Police Organization

Police departments are critical to society in keeping law and order ***** protecting individuals from those that do not believe in following the laws that have been created. One of the ways that they ***** this, and one of the most serious ways that police ***** are reorganizing today, is through ***** use of community policing.

One ***** the main strengths of community policing ***** the fact that the same policemen are in the same *****a each day (Clearwater, 2001). They work a particular neighborhood or area on their shift, and sometimes ***** walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a squad car and keeping themselves isolated from the rest of ***** world by their guns, bullet-pro***** glass and radio equipment. They become more accessible to citizens by doing this, ***** they encourage more open communicati***** when they are not in their squad *****s, which often make police officers look very official and also very unapproachable.

***** policing lets the officer really see the neighborhood, from the same kind of angle that a resident would. In some *****s, especi*****lly those that ***** crime ridden or ***** other anti-law issues, community policing may be seen as a nuisance by the people who are not interested in being caught by police. This is actually good, because it w*****ks to protect the residents of ***** neighborhood who might *****w*****e not feel safe at all, especi*****y at night, or if they live al*****.

Commun*****y policing is ***** without its weaknesses. Just like in every argument or discussion on ***** method is best, there are two sides, and ***** do not agree on anyth*****g, except th***** they disagree about the subject in question. According ***** those who don't feel that community ***** is helpful in the fight against *****, ***** crime rate h***** not gone down because of community policing. The crime rate has gone down because ***** rates fluctuate (Grisby, 1997).

In other words, the crime will come back up, whe*****r community ***** stays around or *****. The argument here is ***** crimin*****s are going to be criminals whether ***** are police in the *****a or not. They ***** try to move to a*****her area, or they might stay put, enjoying the thrill that they get by pulling off a crime right under the noses of the policemen that have *****en assigned to protect a p*****rticular *****.

Ei*****r way the criminals decide to h*****le things, the theory is that community policing ***** not s*****p them, and the reason for this is ***** community ***** was not ***** cure-all that police departments claimed it to be. Instead, ***** just got very lucky and implemented commun*****y policing around the same time that the ***** rate had come *****, which made them look as though they had done *****thing to lower the *****, ***** in fact it came down of its own accord.

***** organization ***** a police department is a very important *****sue. It not only allows e*****one to know ********** ***** stand


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