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Police strategic management

***** Management: Police Departments

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the development of a ***** plan for all businesses, but most specifically for the police department in order to show that it is the best choice ***** ***** officer safety and also the ***** choice for the mitigation of emergency **********. Developing a strategic plan ***** a vital step for any business ***** wants ***** be successful, and ***** police department is no exception (Tegarden, Sarason, & Banbury, 2003). This ***** will briefly discuss the strategic planning process from an overall business perspective with an emphasis on ***** police *****, *****d will work to provide an understanding of the dangers of *****nexistent or inadequate planning, especially when it comes to the matter of saving lives and protecting property. The best way to create a strategic plan is to do a SWOT analysis. By looking at ***** strengths, weaknesses, opp*****tunities, and thre*****s that a business has it be***** easier to see what kind ***** plan would be the best for that business. Even though a police department is not really a 'traditi*****al' business, it can still benefit ***** this type of analysis.

It is important to remember, however, that there are m***** different ********** involved ***** it comes to strategic planning, and many of them can be overlooked in the desire to create a pl*****n ***** complete it. In theory, a plan that is well thought out and defined is complete when it is approved ***** printed, but in reality it is al*****s changing (Tegarden, Sarason, ***** Banbury, 2003). There are issues that are sometimes not addressed in the orig*****al *****, and ***** ***** also times ***** something that was thought ***** work well *****es not actually work as well in real life as it does on paper. During times such ***** these, the strategic plan must *****n be amended, added to, or changed in order ***** it to do the job ***** was designed for ***** hold to the values and goals that the organization ***** created. This is especially true of the ***** department, since it is such a vital business and *****re is much more at stake than profit ***** loss of cash.

As with any business, careful consideration must be made to the ***** that are the ***** important, as there are often items that go ***** until they become a problem. Thorough *****ning and development of the strategic plan can help to avoid this potential difficulty, as ***** ***** ensure that everyone involved with the organization is made aw***** of rules, regulations, and procedures ***** are necessary ***** smooth operation. On*****ing effort by all involved in ***** ***** can ***** to create ***** maintain a strategic plan that actually *****s well and *****s not just information for the present but help, hope, and support for the future of the organization. In a ***** that is clearly service oriented this includes ***** people who work ***** the organization, but also the people


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