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Police Training

1) Are tests of morality important to the police *****ficer selection process? Why?

In a recent article in Law and Society Review entitled "Morality ***** Law Enforcement: Chasing "Bad Guys" with ***** Los Angeles Police Department," Steve Herbert noted that police have a unique role in society ***** creates dilemmas: to prevent crime that seems unable to be prevented, to "run roughshod" over ambiguity ***** the situations ********** encounter, ***** that must, in almost every instance, act against at least one citizen's interest. The policeman's morality must deal in an inst*****t with each dilemma and decisions must be made that pit legality and morality ***** each other. Proper *****havior on the part of the police must serve ***** social needs and protect the state. Legitimate solutions ***** situations involving regulation of law involve moral decisions that enforce the original intent of the *****. **********, ***** police must act ***** a ***** based on knowledge of the law and ***** reasons for sustaining ***** upholding ***** law (Herbert 799).

2.) What are the important characteristics of an assessment center?

An assessment ***** allows particip*****ts to look at their own performance in regard to the validity, reliability, objectivity and effectiveness of actions on the part of candidates for police work. There are different kinds of assessment centers throughout ***** country and in *****, different types of exercises and testing. Work simulation is the most important characteristic of testing at any center, since this is the essence of its purpose. The ***** center must be able ***** measure job behavior in a controlled or simulated sett*****g. It does not test with "question and answer" type tests, though this may be part of a simul*****tion, but ***** a rigorous ev*****luation of how the c*****idate performs and acts toward the public ***** others in a *****-related activity. Gilbert Skinner summed up the purpose of an assessment ***** when he said it is "a procedure for simult*****eous measuring of several persons, per*****ming a variety of simulated work exercises, w*****h t*****ir behavior being observed and recorded by trained evaluators. Or more simply, the Assessment Center lets a person try out for a job without the expense of ***** in ***** job ***** six months to a year" (Coleman 4).

3) When is *****-service training used?

In-service training is designed to train police personnel in skills that they must acquire beyond the minimum requirements, for individual growth and for proficiency in *****ir current assignment. Specialized ***** may be *****d for future *****s, as well. ***** stimulates improvement in ***** ***** abilities that may ***** needed ***** the police's assignment position and enhances their potential for transferring into other specialized assignments. In order to become the best professional member of the force that an officer might be, free from all *****s of employee discrimination, such as sexual, racial or obscene harassment, most de*****ments provide and require ***** w*****kshops in these *****as. Participation ***** training sessions is usually m*****atory for candidates ***** *****s in a department to acquire


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