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Police Training

1) Are tests of morality important to the police officer selection process? Why?

In a recent article in Law and Society Review entitled "Morality ***** Law Enforcement: Chasing "Bad Guys" with ***** Los Angeles Police Department," Steve Herbert noted that police have a unique role in society that creates dilemmas: to prevent crime ***** seems unable to be *****ed, to "run roughshod" over ambiguity in the situations they encounter, and that must, in almost every instance, act against at least one citizen's interest. The policeman's morality ***** deal in an inst*****t with each dilemma ***** decisions must be made that pit legality and morality against each other. Proper behavior on the part of the police must serve ***** social needs and protect the state. Legitimate solutions ***** situations involving regulation of law involve moral ***** that enforce the original intent of ***** *****. Therefore, the police ***** act ***** a morality based on knowledge of the law and ***** reasons for sustaining and upholding that law (***** 799).

2.) What are the ***** char*****eristics of an assessment center?

An assessment center allows *****icipants to look at *****ir own performance in regard to the validity, reliability, objectivity and effectiveness of actions on the part of candidates for police work. There are different k*****ds ***** assessment centers throughout the country and in *****, different types of exercises and test*****g. Work simulation is the most important character*****tic ***** testing at any center, since this is the essence of its purpose. The assessment center must be able to measure job *****havior in a controlled or simulated sett*****g. It does not test with "question and answer" type tests, though this may be part of a simul*****tion, but ***** a rigorous ev*****luation of how the c*****idate performs and acts *****ward the public and others in a *****-related activity. Gilbert Skinner summed up the purpose of an assessment ***** when he said it is "a procedure for simult*****eous measuring of several persons, per*****ming a variety of ***** ***** exercises, with t*****ir behavior being observed and recorded by trained evaluators. Or more simply, the Assessment Center lets a person try out for ***** job without ***** expense of ***** in the ***** for six months to a year" (Coleman 4).

3) When is in-service training used?

In-service training is designed to train police personnel in skills that ***** must acquire beyond the minimum requirements, for individual growth ***** for pr*****iciency in ********** current assignment. Specialized ***** ***** be acquired for future assignments, as well. ***** stimulates improvement in ***** and abilities that may ***** needed in the police's assignment position ***** enhances their potential for transferring into other specialized *****. In order to become the best professional member of the force that an ***** might be, free from all *****s of employee discrimination, such as sexual, racial or obscene harassment, most departments provide and require ***** w*****kshops in these areas. Participation ***** training sessions is usually mandatory for candidates for *****s in a department to acquire


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