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Policy and Strategy

***** of SWOT Analysis

***** concept of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ***** threats (SWOT) that are inherent in the culture, processes, products, and people of any company are *****valuable in evaluating future strategic directions. The SOT framework is increasingly being augmented through the use of analytics applications that can provide real-time measures of how a company's strengths and weaknesses are financially impacting an organization (Zarkos, Morgan, Kouropalat*****, 2007).

The fundamental concept of the SWOT analysis is to capture the internal strengths ***** an organization so it can cap*****alize on them to capture new opportunities. In addition, weaknesses ***** threats are also ********** and evaluated to see which of the weaknesses can be turned into strengths over time and through concerted effort. Threats ***** ***** continually to ensure that they do not threaten the viability ***** the company. In addition, threats are monitored continually to ensure that a company can successfully navigate around ***** as well. Strengths of a ***** c*****n encompass any of their products, processes, people, pricing, distribution, marketing and promotion or planning aspects. Weaknesses are those areas that include the areas where ***** comp***** realizes it is falling short of industry standards. Opportun*****ies are ***** potential markets and strategies that will lead to growth, ***** threats, as mentioned, ***** potential detractors from a firms' ability to survive.

Due to all these factors, a ***** analysis is critical as a strategic ***** framework (Zarkos, Morgan, Kouropalatis 2007) and must ***** used in conjunction with additional strategic planning techniques to ensure that a manager sees all ***** ***** strengths and ***** so ***** external ***** can be fully exploited while minimizing *****.


Stefanos Zarkos, Robert E *****, Yiannis Kouropalatis. (2007). Real options ***** real strategies. Strategic Change, 16(7), 315. Retrieved March 21, 2008, ***** ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID:


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