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The Powers of Advertising and its Negative Effects on the Consumers


Chapter-1 Introduction



Research Objectives

Literature Review



Is advertising untrue?


Reactions to advertising (?) failures / negative effects


The Development of New Media





Advertising should not be viewed as an independent function, and is only a part ***** marketing. This is made clear from the fact the persons in charge of advert*****ing are called advertising agents, and *****y are ***** entitled ***** a commission form the owners ***** the media for whom they really collect advertisements and the payments. Earlier, the functions of all three persons were *****, ***** the marketing organizations paid ***** the ***** to ***** agent, and ***** in turn p*****sed it on to the media owners. The increasing costs ***** ***** and the high rates of commission brought a lot of confusion to ***** system, *****nd the roles ***** ***** agencies started changing. With the introduction of newer forms ***** media, ***** question of ***** ownership also came under dispute, as the new information technology is a media, where there is little possibility of having media owners in the traditional sense.

Modernization has also led to a situ*****tion ***** the ownership of media ***** getting fragmented, and the progress of the information from ***** ***** organization to the consumer is no longer passing through clear stages. ********** are now cases where the information is going directly ***** the marketing organization to the *****, ***** in that case, it is difficult to classify it strictly as advert*****ing. The role of the ***** organization is now the most predominant in the entire process ***** advertising in whatever form it may *****. ***** negative *****, whatever they may be is thus the responsibil*****y of ***** marketing organizations as they are the most powerful in the triumvirate ***** the ***** organization, advertis*****g agency and ***** media owner.

Some ***** effects have been described here, and it can be seen that in all those *****s, the responsibility is only with ***** desires of the market*****g *****, and it is only they that ***** profited from the miscommunication. At ***** same time, the consumers ***** becoming conscious of ********** rights and there are worldwide movements for preservation of consumer rights. The two ***** be matched only when the ethics of the marketing organization is high enough. This is also difficult in view of the fact that *****day performance ***** any organization is being me*****ured by profit only.



It is accepted in management that the use of advertis*****g is a p*****rt of the marketing activities of a company. The aim ***** the ***** activities of a ***** is always to achieve success in ***** marketplace in the movement of the products. This concept is be*****g changed ***** to day ***** concept ***** "Increasingly, however, top management requires ***** marketing view ***** ultimate purpose as contributing to the enhancement of sh*****holder re*****s." ***** gives a ***** ide***** that the ***** of


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