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Primary Data Collection

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different methods ***** primary data collection?

While the need for ***** use ***** selection of the most effective form ***** data collection is ubiquitous to all forms of research and to ***** surveyed study of consumer behavior, there is no one, singular effective method of collection that 'trumps' ***** other *****ologies, for all forms of research. Personal surveys are thorough but costly. Phone interviews are wide-ranging, cheap, fast, ***** often spurned by speakers. Mail ***** cover wide areas, but are easily discarded. Internet surveys are low in cost but a*****nymous. Observation of others is *****, but potentially biased ***** the data recorder's own limits perceptions. Surveys of personal in-house company experience are again low in ***** but limited in scope, and data mining is available but difficult to limit in its ***** and is therefore *****.

Why may we conduct secondary ***** collection early in the research process and primary data collection later in the project?

Despite the importance of primary data, researchers must beg***** *****ir survey construction and investigation ***** with cheaper and more quickly obtained secondary data. Besides the cost fac*****r, ***** research enables a data collector construct the best method of research, and to determine the best methods ***** *****ing primary research over the quickest time frame possible. Secondary research, or the previous work of others collected through prior data ***** accessed via professional journals and databases also provides current researchers in the field with the ability to determine an effective


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