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Product Life Cycle

The Product ***** Cycle of the Fashion Industry - A Case Study of Gucci


Every product in the market has a potential. Especially upon the introduction ***** the new *****, consumers are too eager to try ***** newest and the freshest product available in the market. At a certa***** point, an optimum level is achieved and the rest, they say, ***** history.

Oftentimes, these *****s remain in the ***** for a longer period of time, however, a time comes when ***** products will have to decline due to several fac*****rs that were overlooked ***** the creation and the ***** of the product. This usually happens with ***** that are technologically based such that the continuing technology advancement leaves ***** ***** behind. There*****e, after it reaches the ***** level in the market, the product will eventually end *****s marketing potential.

***** to ***** increasing awareness and fascination of the people with fashion, especially ***** younger generation, new brands emerge continuously offering affordable products that are fashionably competitive to even the established fashion brands offered expensively. This situation just as yet one of the factors affecting ***** stability of a cert*****in company in the f*****hion industry.

The fashion ***** is ***** most demanding among other industries regarding change. It sets the tr***** in the market for which a huge number of people *****re ********** to pay to become fashionable in every sense of ***** word. Th***** characteristic contributes to the success of ***** companies in the fashion industry.

Tremendously influenced by *****, ***** target market in fashion does not ***** remain constant ***** that they tend to go ***** a trendier br*****nd or ***** ***** *****fers them products that are of their m*****y's worth.

Product Life Cycle in the ***** Industry

Various ***** ***** the market ***** found to exhibit a pattern of evolution that resembles the life of a living organism. This evolution which involves the birth, its growth, maturation, and *****tually the death of ***** product is commonly referred to as the Product ***** Cycle of PLC in ***** *****ing *****. One of the ***** significant characteristics of ***** Product Life Cycle (PLC) is the depletion ***** the *****'s market potential due ***** several factors affecting its existence in the *****. (Liu, 2001)

In the fashion industry, these factors affecting the PLC of the product or more specifically the brand, may include, although not limited to the state and ***** of the general economy; the availability of substitutes; and the pace of ***** introduction ***** a ***** style or trend in the industry. This trend m*****y, however, be affected by technological advancements that directly influences ***** potential markets in the ***** industry. Since ***** factors ***** to evolve over ***** ***** a signific*****nt degree of unpredictability, new information about ********** can ***** expected to arrive on a continuous basis during a product's life cycle. (Liu, 2001)

Since ***** is based upon the biological life *****, thus, "for example, a seed is planted (*****); it begins to


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