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Program evaluation: 9th Grade Academy

***** teaching profession has proved itself both the most dynamic and ***** problematic of directions in the professional sector of the USA. Indeed, preparing ***** youth for their future lives as successful and achieving adults that would be an *****set to the country is no small task. Hence teachers are burdened by what perhaps could be seen as ***** unfair ***** inhuman burden. They are required ***** provide students with an underst*****ding that, ***** each individual person, would mean the optimal success rate. Of course, in reality, ***** teacher is perfect and no student is every ********** understood. Th***** realization is ***** has inspired the continuous research and change occurring within ***** profession over the centuries of its existence. Most recently ***** "school-within-a-school system ***** come under the spotlight, especially as it concerns the ninth grade. *****is will then also be the subject of discussion within this study.

The need for a Ninth-Grade Academy

***** of ***** have proven certain basic facts, upon which the success of education relies. Firstly, parental involvement is particularly important in ***** success ***** a ********** school career. Studies have shown that students with uninvolved parents perform more poorly than students whose parents are actively involved in their education. The involvement and attention of ***** ***** equally ***** as that provided by parents. A teacher needs to ***** familiar with every particular student's ***** ***** difficulties, and what ***** to be done to encourage strengths and minimize weaknesses. For this, each students needs a certain amount of individual attention. This combination of parental and teacher involvement in a child's education is especially vital during the transition phases in a child's educational career.

N*****th-grade children are therefore particularly in need of ***** ***** personal attention to ensure ***** they draw the maximum benefit from this time in ***** school careers. ***** problem is however that a paradigm of large groups per classroom makes it difficult to provide each student ***** the guidance ***** he or she needs. Th***** has historically resulted in problems such as high fail- and dropout rates, and a lack of discipline ***** in studies and ***** attendance. Many of these ***** are related to the fact that ***** find ***** transition from 8th to 9th grade extremely *****. ********** with other, ***** *****sonal problems, some *****s find ***** ***** difficult to deal with. A lack ***** personal ***** and guidance from either or both parents and teachers ***** result in higher drop-out and fail rates.

Specifically, the following ***** been listed ***** particular problems for students entering the ninth grade: weakness in in-class skills such as ********** ***** critical thinking, as well ***** study and basic skills in language and mathematics; immaturity and irresponsibility; increase in repeaters; a lack of enthusiasm in teachers ***** teach *****-grade students; ***** of communication with *****; and *****d class sizes.

Specifically, statistics gathered be*****e the implementation ***** ***** ninth-grade academy show the following:

The ninth grade of school has ***** fail


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