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***** Propaganda of the 'Big Lie'

One ***** the main theories of the totalitarian propaganda machine of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany was that of the 'big lie,' or the *****ory that if one told a lie ***** w*****s 'big enough,' the lie was more likely believed by ***** public. This ***** put into action during ***** reign in numerous instances, such as when Hitler's political opp*****nts were blamed without evidence for the burning of the Reichstag, to justify Hitler's assumption to power, as well ***** regime's frequent attribution of various unsubstantiated crimes to minorities deemed ***** be enemies ***** the government.

Although American consumers might like to think that they are above such credulous **********, consider how the 'big ***** is often put into effect in many advert*****ements. Advertisements for dietary supplements and weight loss pills often make claims that sound ridiculous, such as 'take Pill X and lose 40 pounds in 30 days.' However, ***** consumers buy such drugs, ***** with the rationale that 'they couldn't make such a sweeping claim if there wasn't some truth to it,' going by the faulty logic ***** 'when there is smoke, ***** is fire.' Th***** is one of the ways the ***** lie' works upon the human mind. A smaller lie or exaggeration ***** be dismissed, or fail to make an impression upon the listener's consciousness, but a big ***** both attracts attention and is so shocking it is assumed that it must be valid, at least in part.

The use of the '***** lie' has no utilitarian just*****ication. It fulfills ***** greater good, as it is b*****ed ***** unsound evidence. It preys upon ***** fears and needs of the *****. Hitler justified ***** lies because he rationalized that it would create support for an ideology ***** would supposedly save ***** from its post-World War I shame. Advertisers use t***** 'big ***** ***** draw ***** to their product, ***** because other, competing products also lie, thus causing a kind of competition between who can tell the most arresting 'big *****.' But this supposed need to draw attention ***** a product does not excuse *****dvertisers taking advantage of the public. Even if the ***** should know better, the ***** discerning minds are ***** to doubt *****ir own sound logic, if the truth is assaulted enough on a daily basis, as occurred in


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