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Proper Physical Restraint Use in Nursing Facilities


As the mean age of the general population increases, and as we stand on ***** threshold of the senility of the baby boomers, geriatric health care is becoming a more significant issue. Skilled nursing ***** for the elderly is at a premium and specialists in the field can name their own jobs as the work is both physically and emoti*****ally demanding. The p*****ients who require care in both skilled nursing and hospital settings for gerontological and psychiatric problems are perhaps the most challenging. The multiple medical *****, the poly-pharmacy ***** increased incidence of patient agitation or wandering behavior often makes it necessary to consider the use of restraints ***** patient management and safety. Restraint use in any patient ***** a c*****use of significant *****crease in the ***** ***** iatrogenic injury, ***** can contribute to increase in stress issues for staff. This thesis will discuss some of the more common situations which require *****, how *****ten patients are *****jured by using restraints and what the overall cost is, emotionally and ***** on staff and ***** alike. ***** records of patients requiring restraint in two skilled ***** facilities will be revie*****d and the rate ***** *****jury/type of injury related ***** the administration of restraints will also be reviewed. As a second element, ***** members of the two units will be interviewed regarding stress and *****ir feelings surrounding managing patients ***** are in restraints. In this case, two nursing home units will ***** studied. Each unit will be observed for two weeks and unit staff ***** receive questionnaires asking about the impact of caring for restrained patients on ********** work satisfaction ***** emotional well being. At the end of ***** ***** week period, both units' records will be ***** to assess number ***** patients requiring restraint, interventions used be*****e restraint (if any) and adverse outcomes associated with restraint (if any). Data obtained from this research will shown that the unit which attempts to ***** for its' patients in a restraint free manner has a decrease in ***** number of adverse outcomes for patients related ***** restraint as well as an increase in the level ***** staff satisfaction surrounding management of those patients who did ***** restraints.


What are some of the correct and incorrect reasons for the use of restraints in the ***** population? What ***** the different types of restraints that are available? Do the patients ***** require restraint sustain physical or ***** psychological damage ***** the ***** ***** *****s? What is ***** effect of restraining a p*****tient, or caring ***** a patient in restraints on the nursing staff?

I am hopeful that the goal in any care setting is for the *****s to be treated with the utmost in dignity. Patients at every level should be af*****ded every possible measure ***** control and afforded every chance to achieve a high ***** of wellness. The challenge in the provision ***** chronic medical care ***** the assisted living/***** nursing ***** is moving away from


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