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Qualitative Proposal for a Study on Improving Re*****ding Skills in Lower-level and Special Needs Students Through the Use of Technology


***** who have the highest risk of failing in school also have low read*****g capabilities. This is especially true for students who have special needs. Goetze ***** Walker (2004) ***** found that using technology may be a soluti***** to th***** issue. They ********** that regular and consistent use of technology enhances literary capabilities ***** students who have special *****. However, teachers must be properly trained on how to use technology in the classroom (Doering, Huges, & Huffman, 2003). If ***** are ***** ***** to ***** the technology, how to integrate it in***** their lessons plans, and how to al***** students to voice their inputs, students could indeed improve reading scores (May, 2003; Lelop & Ponterio, 2005).

***** order for this to happen, teachers need ***** be certain the ***** is being used to (a) hear word **********, (b) decipherer and interpret words, - understand over*****l expressions, (d) understand word span, and (e) help students become knowledgeable and confident w*****h ***** reading style (May, 2003). Overall reading will be improved, as well as students' ability to read on the internet and other digital media. This is pertinent due ***** the fact that literacy is no longer limited to "hard copy" material.

Softw***** that aids in teaching reading skills are AlpahSmart and Kidspiration (May, 2003). O*****rs technologies include voice detection software, tele-cooperations of the *****, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and portable processors or devices (Fisher & Molebash, 2003). Teachers may use this software in addition to ***** ***** strategies as technology is not a substitute, but an aid in their teach*****g.

This study looks at ***** various ***** c***** aid in improving education for low-level special needs students. To truly understand this phenomenon, a qualitative research design is most suitable. A summative evaluation of techniques that ***** ***** to incorporate technology in***** their lesson plans will be conducted.

Qualitative research and its appropriateness for this *****

***** quantitative research is historically the principle way in which research is done, qualitative ***** is growing in popularity as it addresses *****s in the social sciences. Marshall ***** Rossman (2006) state,

Research is a process of trying to g*****in a better ********** of ***** complexities of the hum*****n experience, and, in some genres ***** research, ***** take action based on that understanding." (p.23)

***** and Rossman (*****) ***** state that qualitative inquiry should begin with an idea or ***** observati***** of a phenomenon that the researcher feels should be investigated and rep*****ted to others. Holiday (2002) adds to ***** by explaining that while qualitative research does not fill in the holes of quantitative research, it ***** *****fer different paradigms ***** conduct ***** ***** and to gain ***** information.

These different paradigms are based on *****tological (***** of reality), epistemological (underst*****ing of how one knows what they know) and methodological (***** answers are *****) assumptions (Patton, *****). While ***** theorists categorize ***** define different inquiry


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