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Qualitative Proposal for a Study on Improving Reading Skills in Lower-level and Special Needs Students Through the Use of Technology


Students who have the highest risk of failing in school also ***** low read*****g capabilities. This is especially true for students who have special needs. Goetze ***** Walker (2004) have found that using technology may be a soluti***** to th***** issue. They assert that regular and consistent use ***** technology enhances literary capabilities of students who have special *****. However, teachers must be properly trained on how ***** use technology in the classroom (Doer*****g, Huges, & Huffman, 2003). If teachers are ***** ***** to ***** the technology, how to integrate it in***** their lessons plans, and how to al***** students to voice ***** inputs, students could indeed improve reading scores (May, 2003; Lelop & Ponterio, 2005).

***** order for this to happen, teachers need ***** be certain the technology is being used to (a) hear word *****nes, (b) decipherer and interpret words, - understand overall expressions, (d) un*****erstand word span, and (e) help students become knowledgeable ***** confident with their ***** style (May, 2003). Overall reading will be improved, as well as students' ability to read on the internet and other digital media. This is pertinent due to the fact that literacy is no l*****ger limited to "hard copy" material.

Softw***** that aids in teaching reading skills are AlpahSmart and Kidspiration (*****, 2003). O*****rs technologies include voice detection software, tele*****cooperations of the *****, Personal Digital Ass*****tants (PDA) and portable processors or devices (Fisher & Molebash, *****). Teachers ***** use this software in addition to ***** ***** strategies as ***** is not a substitute, but an aid in their teaching.

This study looks at how various ***** c***** aid in improving education ***** low-level special needs students. To truly understand this phenomenon, a qualitative research design is most suitable. A summative evaluation of techniques that ***** ***** to incorporate technology in***** their lesson plans ***** be conducted.

***** research and its appropriateness for this *****

While quantitative research is historically the principle way in which research is done, qualitative ***** is growing in popularity as it addresses ********** in the social sciences. Marshall and Rossman (2006) state,

Research is a process of trying to gain a better *****ing of the complexities of ***** human experience, *****, in some genres of research, to take action based on that understanding." (p.23)

***** and Rossman (2006) also state that qualitative inquiry should begin with an idea or ***** observati***** ***** a ***** that the researcher feels should be investigated and reported to others. Holiday (2002) adds to this by explaining ***** while qualitative research does ***** fill in the holes of quantitative research, it ***** *****fer different paradigms ***** conduct research by and to gain ***** information.

These different paradigms are based on *****tological (underst*****ing of reality), epistemological (understanding of how one knows what *****y know) and methodological (how answers ***** *****) assumptions (Patton, *****). While different theorists categorize ***** define different *****


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